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Why do you get butt acne?


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There are many causes of acne, so the exact one cannot be termed.

Skin disorder or blood disorder are the main causes.


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You get acne on your butt by having over active sweat glands.

yes you can get butt acne. there are tiny pores in the skin all you have to do is wash with your face soap and it will go away like normal acne.

It's most commonly found on your neck,upper arms, back, butt, chest and face.

Treat it like it's your face. Make it moist, spread on some Clearasil or Proactive. Rub it in and rinse it off!

This is a bacterial infection. Go to a pharmacy and get an anti-bacterial acne wash. It should clear up in three weeks , or a month. Since it is a bacterial infection, just use any anitbiotic ointment. It will clear it up very quickly.

No, prednisone will not cure acne. However, it will help the acne to clear up, but the acne will return.

I am not really sure if this effective for acne and acne scars.

Well to be truthful most guys like a nice butt and boobs. White teeth and no acne help a lot. Some boyfriends ive had have liked my personality. But some guys like girls with nice butt and boobs ... etc .

It refers to development of acne, also can be related to Acne Vulgaris.

a more severe acne. Sometimes called cystic acne. The blemishes are deeper than that of a mild to moderate acne. I have severe acne and it is difficult to treat. Any body can get it.

Chlamydia can not cause acne outbreaks.Chlamydia does not cause acne.

I do not think you can get Acne from Stress, but you can get stress from Acne causing a severe Depression.

There are many foundations with different companies that are good to hid acne. One of the best shown on the internet is Clinique - Acne Scars Foundation. Clinique Acne Scars Foundation hides acne and acne scars.

that's gross i have none and everyone else i know has none either masybe its just you....or you have bad acne problems maybe you should see a doctor....

no it does not affect your acne

Acne on chest is usually not common but nor is it surprising, you can have acne anywhere in your body.

Yes. You can get acne ANYWHERE. A dermatologist should be able to prescribe an acne treatment for you.

The worst acne is usually called cystic acne.

I'm going to try a new medicine for my acne problem. You have acne.

Some acne treatment products are PuraSkin Acne Treatment, Proactiv, Zenmed Acne Solutions and many more.

Acne can develop for a number of reasons. The main reason acne develops is because a person is genetically more likely to have acne. This still isn't enough to cause it though. That person must also be eating and drinking certain foods that will cause acne. In certain people dairy and sugar can cause acne. Cutting these foods out can reduce or stop acne completely. A book called acne no more goes into detail about food and acne. Ultimately you need to remove these foods from your diet, else you will suffer with acne.

well they dont have acne, but they get a pimple now and then They wouldn't be on TV if they had bad acne, and that's a fact. How many people are there on tv who have acne?

Everyone. Acne is a common skin ailment, which can happen to anyone at any stage of life. All of us suffer from acne one time or other in our lives, therefore do not get stressed about acne breakouts. Acne can be easily treated with acne medications and natural home remedies. To learn more read Who gets acne

Acne seems to be recessive. Not all offspring get it if one parent has severe acne.

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