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There are many reasons/ motivations to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels. The reasons include: 1. Limited supply: The earth has a finite capacity of commercially producible fossil fuels. This provides reason to use what we have for the most economic good. 2. Environment and health issues: There is no clean burning fossil fuel. All fossil fuels release CO2 and contribute to global warming. Other environmental impacts are acid rain and the release of volatile organic compounds hazardous to human health. You may do a search on wikipedia on air pollution, and find more on health hazards. 3. Economics: Importation of oil creates a trade deficit, which has serious economic consequences. As the supply diminishes, the cost to find and produce additional fossil fuels tends to increase, and this cost is passed on to the consumer. 4. Personal: Using fuel efficient cars, air conditioners, and reducing long commutes means you save money, especially as price of fuels rise.
The burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation of electricity releases carbon dioxide (CO2). This is a dangerous greenhouse gas which is causing global warming and climate change.

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What can we develop to reduce the need for fossil fuels?

A smaller world population. We can also increase our use of renewable resources such as wind, solar, or hydroelectric to offset our need for fossil fuels.

How does solar energy reduce the use of fossil fuels?

Most countries burn fossil fuels to generate electricity.If they used solar power to generate electricity, thenThey would not have to use so much fossil fuel.Solar Energy itself does not reduce the use of fossil fuels. But the use of solar energy should hopefully reduce the need of fossil fuels to create energy, so therefore the more we can use solar power as an energy source instead of fossil fuels, the more we reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Why is there a need to reduce the amount of fossil fuels you use?

Burning fossil fuels adds greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. This additional gas is causing global warming.

Why do we need to improve sources of energy that are not fossil fuels?

since fossil fuels can be found almost anywhere in the world we need to improve sources of energy so that they are around the world............

How do solar panels help us reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use?

Solar panels produce electricity without greenhouse gas emissions and therefore we don't need to use fossil fuels as much?

How can you remove global warming?

people need to recycle, and reduse carbon dioxide, reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use,

Why do you need fossil fuels?

Because to date there is no viable alternative to fossil fuels, that are plentiful and cost effective.

Why must we be interested in saving fossil fuels?

We need to conserve fossil fuels because they are non-renewable. Once our reserves are depleted, we will have to come up with synthetic fuels. We do have synthetic oil, but not in the quantities that the world needs.

Why do you use nuclear power?

We use nuclear power because it produces cheap electricity and they reduce the need to import fossil fuels.

Why do you need to save fossil fuels?

as fossil fuels are very important as most of our vehicles work on fossil fuels once finished they only can be restored after millions and millions of years

Why geo thermal should replace fossil fuels?

As fossil fuels are depleting day by day, we need a alternative to it.We that is why need to have other source of fuel.Geo thermal is that is why used now and it should replace fossil fuels.

Why is there a need replacement for fossil fuels?


Does a tv need fossil fuels?

No. A TV is powered by electricity. While we do get most of our electricity from fossil fuels, we have other sources.

Why do we need alter nate fuels?

because the fossil fuels will eventually run out.

Do we need fossil fuel?

Yes we need fossil fuels but they are depleting very day.So we need a alternative now.

Why do you need to develop other fuels besides fossil fuels?

Other fuels must be developed asFossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) are damaging the atmosphere and causing global warmingFossil fuels won't last for ever, and will eventually run out.

Why does it matter if you burn fossil fuels?

When we burn fossil fuels, that fossil fuel is gone. *POOF!* And it'll take millions of years for the nonrenewable resource to form again. Therefore we need to conserve fossil fuels as much as possible.

Why is there a need for developing and using alternative energy sources?

If we develop and use alternative energy sources, we may begin to reduce our use of fossil fuels. By doing so, we would reduce our carbon dioxide greenhouse emissions, which are contributing to global warming. So the final answer is the urgent need to prevent the planet from becoming hotter.A:Humans are currently using fossil fuels faster than they can be made naturally. It takes oil thousands of years to form a barrel. People are trying to find a energy source that will dampen the impact when we run out of oil. People are experimenting with air, water, even hydrogen and algae. The sky is the limit! A:The world currently depends on fossil fuels which are non renewable and will run out. When fossil fuels run out in a few hundred years the world will have no energy source umless we find a new one. The world is currently using the sun and wind for some sources of energy. We need alternative energy sources like wind and solar power because one day when the world runs out of fossil fuels we need a way to get energy.

How does fossil fuels help the environment?

They don't help the environment. In fact, we need to stop polluting the environment by using less fossil fuels.

Why do people need to develop alternative sources of renewable energy and become less dependent on fossil fuels?

Mainly two reasons. (1) The fossil fuels will eventually be used up. (2) Fossil fuels cause pollution.

Why do you need to improve sources of energy that are not fossil fuels?

By a car

Why we need the carbon?

Carbon is the element of the life and fossil fuels.

Can you survive without fossil fuel?

Not today, because right now we have too many people in this world and not all of the lands are farmed because we built roads on them. Lots of animals die in the arctic, so they use about 86 percent of the worlds fossil fuels. In AK, they use up to 57 percent of the worlds fossil fuels because they always need import food everyday to survive and things are expensive there. If there are 4000 people or less in AK, they can survive without fossil fuels. However in this world it is made for 1 billion people to survive without fossil fuels. If like 7 billion people, we can still have organic farming but fossil fuels make global warming and kill all the arctic animals and so now there aint no meat. No fossil fuels means no life. People in the arctic depends on fossil fuels for their life. Here in the USA people need fossil fuels in the winter because we need import foods. Back then people were smarter but there werent too many people in this world. Nowadays we just have too much people in this world today and one day we might have 37 billion people and one day they all die. So basically yes, fossil fuels support our life right now.

Why is there a need to replace fossil fuels?

because we are running out of other fuels like oil,petrol and diesel

Why are cars of the future better from the cars of today?

There is no need for fossil fuels