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change the front brake hoses, there is a small plastic inner hose that will break and restrict return fluid flow back to master cylinder thus causing brakes to lock and or drag

Check the proportioning valve.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-22 10:57:46
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Q: Why do your left front and right rear brakes drag on a 96 Villager having already changed the caliper and ABS and master cylinder?
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What could cause a clutch pedal on a 1992 Toyota celica to stick to the floorboard with no loss of fluid and I have already changed the slave cylinder and bled it several times?

If you've changed the slave cylinder and bled it several times, the next step would be to check the MASTER cylinder and if that doesn't work then your clutch is burned out.

How are the disc brake pads on a 1997 Ford Expedition changed?

When I changed ours this is what I did. Remove tire, remove 2 bolts from back side of caliper, Pull caliper off rotor, using old brake pad and c-clamp press caliper, take old pads out put new pads in. place caliper back on put bolts back in. Turn rotors when needed when the pads are off.

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Why is the gas light always on in 1996 mercury villager where the sensor has been changed twice?

The indicator was not or cant be reset.

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What could cause the brake caliper to rub on the inside of the wheel when applying brakes?

Check for loose or missing bolts. Check also for incorrect wheel rim, incorrect rotor, or incorrect caliper. year of car/truck ? if its a dodge truck look at brake caliper adapter for wear,check caliper retaining clips if their broken they will let the caliper move up in the caliper adapter hitting tour wheel hub . is the wheel right one for veh ? If you just changed the pads and did not compress the caliper piston all the way down. the caliper can rub against the wheel. The whole caliper floats and if the piston is not fully compressed it can hit the wheel with the new pads on.

Brake light and ABS light is on and you changed your wheel bearing hub assembly and brake lines but their is not pressure at the brake padel what is wrong?

there are plenty of possibilities but naturally I would start with the cheapest did you bleed your brakes at each caliper starting with the wheel furthest from the master cylinder. If so move on to your brake line connections is your banjo block cracked is the banjo bolt cracked did you forget to put washers on the banjo bolts if so you should see fluid leaking from around where the banjo block mounts to the caliper when you pump the pedal.if not you can try bleeding master cylinder if problem still persists you probably need a new master cylinder.

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If the front brake caliper is sticking, the disc may be uneven. Brakes that are left to scrape on the disc for a long time before they are changed will damage the disc enough to cause sticking or slipping.

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The fluid needs changed and flushed. The master cylinder, hoses, and calipers could need changed.

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When you say everything has been changed...does that include the caliper and piston? It could be your caliper is going out on that side which would cause an uneven wear. With the quickness that the brake pad is deteriorating...I would look at your caliper being the culprit. I would try checking the functionality of the front proportioning valve.