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Check for loose or missing bolts. Check also for incorrect wheel rim, incorrect rotor, or incorrect caliper.

year of car/truck ? if its a Dodge truck look at brake caliper adapter for wear,check caliper retaining clips if their broken they will let the caliper move up in the caliper adapter hitting tour wheel hub . is the wheel right one for veh ? If you just changed the pads and did not compress the caliper piston all the way down. the caliper can rub against the wheel. The whole caliper floats and if the piston is not fully compressed it can hit the wheel with the new pads on.

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Q: What could cause the brake caliper to rub on the inside of the wheel when applying brakes?
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Why would a car jerk to the right when applying the brakes?


Are brakes and caliper the same on a 2003 Nissan?

The caliper is one part of the brake system.

How do replace rear disc brakes on 2004 Chevy Silverado?

Remove the caliper retaining bolts from the inside of the caliper. Lift the caliper off the mounting bracket and over the rotor. Slide the old inner and outer brake pads out of the caliper, and slide the new brake pads into the caliper.

What does caliper mean?

A caliper is a measuring tool that measures either the inside or outside diameter of something. Disc brakes on a car use a caliper to push the brake pads against the rotor to stop the car.

What are two main brake types of a bicycle?

Caliper and Disk brakes

Your driver side brake caliper locks when the brakes are applied and when you open the bleeder valve the caliper releases?

rubber section of brake line to caliper clogged and in need of replacement

Why would your brakes smoke on a 1996 Dodge Neon after you had the brakes and rotors replaced?

Frozen brake caliper

What's the difference between a disc brake and a brake drum?

When disc brakes are applied, a caliper squeezes the brake pads against the disc and the wheel slows. When drum brakes are applied, curved shoes located inside the drum are pushed outwards, rubbing against the inside of the drum and slowing the wheel.

What is a scewing caliper?

if its on a car or truck (brake caliper) it is how the emergency brake works, usually on the rear, it has a cable that turns the cylinder inside the caliper

What does someone means by saying brake actuation?

applying the brakes

Why would a 1998 Mazda 626 with brake shoes in the back slowly apply the brakes while backing up?

failing brake caliper caliper seizing

When applying pressure to brakes lightly brakes lose compression Why?

faulty master brake system

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