Adolf Hitler

Why does Hitler want world domination?


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The same reason any criminal would want in: power

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Adolf Hitler was an Austrian. He was a soldier in WWI. As for why he wanted power, he was crazy, (and this is coming from a german)

Hitler was not as much against the world as he was for world domination. He envisioned his regime dominating the world for a thousand years.

Hitler stole peoples land because he wanted world domination

Because Hitler wanted domination of the whole of Europe, and Japan wanted domination of the entire Pacific area.

Because his goal was world domination and we are part of that. Even if he didn't want the US, we did not want him in control of anywhere we import from or reducing our number of allies or to have capability of US destruction

Hitler's goals were world domination, along with the complete anihalation of Jews, blacks, homosexuals, and the handicapped. He wanted to bring about the Aryan age.

Hitler was fighting for World Domination, everyone else was fighting to stop him.

Barbaric. Cruel. Selfish. Dictating. Unjust. Why? World Domination.

Hitler wanted all the countries he could get, plus, total domination and world power.

I guess you could say Adolf Hitler but many think he had his eyes on world domination

they both wanted world domination, but history told a different story!

A want for world domination. Being extremely evil.

He was the head of Germany and he invaded 39 countries in WW2. His idea was world domination.

It may have been a distant dream of Joseph Stalin to have the USSR dominate the world. He was far to conservative to believe that was possible, as much as he would have liked to see it. On the other hand, Hitler was convinced he and Nazi Germany could very well have world wide domination.

World Domination Recordings ended in 1996.

The duration of Bam's World Domination is 1260.0 seconds.

World domination... but first, domination of Europe.

he wanted to change the name of berlin into Hitler and rule the world

Hitler betrayed Stalin because he felt that if Germany could control russia then they could give it to Germans and use the raw untapped resources to fuel germanys world domination

World domination: failed Extinction of the Jewish: failed Become one of the most hated persons in human history: succeeded

Hitler thought that the Jews were unclean, and he wanted to be in charge of the world, and if he was in charge of the world, he didn't want any Jews. So he tried to get rid of them all. Get the drift?

So that he could rule the world.

One of the goals that Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito shared were the desire for world domination. They were all dictators and they all wanted to expand their power through invading other countries.

The one he tought was perfect

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