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Why does a 1996 Nissan Sentra run rough and stall out when it comes to a stop?

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2011-09-13 23:43:03
2011-09-13 23:43:03

Several different reasons. It could be engine control devices going bad, or something with the bearings in one or more of the accessories; A/C compressor bearings, alternator bearings, etc. You should take your car to a tune-up shop and have it checked out.


If it is a bearing, you should be able to hear it. High wirring or grinding sound. Taking off the belt and turning/wobbling by hand will tell for sure. Usually sensors with computerized cars cause them to run bad. What a scam, huh? Instead of just lighting up a light as they go bad they cause the whole system to run bad. Do the standard check for wires fallen off/broken(run at night with lights off and hood open, look for blue arcing), vacume leaks, etc. Especially if it happened all at once. Heard Auto-zone has a dianostic check but call for sure.

Dokter Denney

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One of the reasons for a 2003 Nissan Sentra to run rough and stall out when it comes to stop is a bad oxygen sensor. Another cause for the running rough could also be a dirty air cleaner.

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1989 Nissan Sentra Wagon 5 Speed intermittently wants to die out. Unless I give it gas it will stall. It will start back up again, with the same problem until problem stops. No pattern to diagnose.

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Back in 2006, my Sentra with 78K miles was stalling and was cutting out while accelerating. The Nissan dealer found that the air flow sensor was failing. The part was about $200 with $270 labor. Please note that there are also several recall campaigns and one is on the crankcase position sensor which can go out and stall your car for good. Good Luck!

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Check the Park Avenue EGR valve for a clog. A clogged valve can cause a rough idle and stall at a light.

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