Why does a 1997 57 liter pickup auto will crank but no start fuel pump is whining?

Spray some throttle body cleaner into the throttle body and see if the truck will start, if it does, then you have a fuel delivery problem. Hook a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel rail and just turn the key on and see if you get a reading. If not, then it is either a clogged fuel filter or yoru fuel pump is gone. Mine go tquite noisey and then started to give me a check engine light when I tried to accelerate on highway in overdrive, almost like the engine was losing power and hesitate and then kick in and throw the check engine light. I ended up changign it out, had to drop the fuel tank to change it out so if you do, prepare by letting fuel get low. But realize once you get a new pump keep it above 1/4 tank, The fuel pump uses the fuel to keep it cool and too much of it not submerged has led to it heating up and failing. Once you change one of these fuel pumps, you don't want to do it again......at least for a week.