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Why does a 2002 Civic with 91K miles that has just had all tires balanced a complete front end alignment and lower control arm bushings replaced still shake at 60 MPH?


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Check the CV joints (front axles) to see if there shot.


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we would need more information but most if not all bushings can be replaced

yes there are aftermarket solutions for this

As far as I know nobody makes bushings for front control arms of Altima 93-01. Many Internet stores sells complete control arms with bushings and bell joint. I've found one that sells at 79$.

The worn bushings can be pressed out and replaced. This is the most economical solution to worn bushings. After market replacement parts can't be ordered from any Auto Parts dealer. Read the discussion page for this question.

Your a arm bushings need replaced.

You may replace the bushings by pressing them out. GM would rather you not know this!!

I am having my strut bushings and sway bar links replaced for $330 in northern IL. NOT at the dealer. They wanted $800.

Dodge doesn't sell the bushings separately, so the entire assembly needs replaced unless you can find them in the aftermarket.Dodge doesn't sell the bushings separately, so the entire assembly needs replaced unless you can find them in the aftermarket.

when ever a wheel is replaced in difference from the original the car should be re tracked up, its the same for rotating wheels from front to back

If you replaced an axle without touching camber, strut, and tie rod bolts. then no.

NO That depends on how the struts attach to the knuckle or control arm. On some front wheel drives an alignment is required.

i have a 1992 camaro rs, they play in mine went away after replacing the bushings on the front lower control arms and bushings

There are many bushings on a front lower control arm. However, i have a 2003 honda accord and it only needs the big bushing to be replaced and many shops quoted me around $200-260. All shops required to have the alignment done at the same time and it should be around $50-70 so shop around. Good luck

Its your bushings, they need to be replaced. About $200 at a shop.

Rear upper & lower control arm bushings need to be replaced.

Not 'required' , but certainly a good idea.

Control arm and sway bar link bushings can not be serviced, however they may need to be replaced if making excessive noise.

You can purchase the sub frame bushings on line for about $40.00 each. You will need 4. The job itself takes about an hour at your local mechanic. Then you will need an alignment. It's about $100.00.

were the struts put together right? squeek- possible control arm bushings clunk- spring pads "struts", control arm bushings, swaybar links or sway bar bushings, loose steering parts depending at what speed

It is what GM wants you to buy to repair the rear knuckle bushings, but they can be replaced by pressing them out

Had this same issue in a '93 Probe. Replaced the CV axle and stabilizer links to no avail. While replacing the steering bushings I noticed my rim was somewhat warped, so I had replaced with a spare. Not sure if it was the wheel or the bushings but the sound disappeared! And man was it ever a frustrating noise!

All bushing i believe are self-lubricated, they are at least on my 03 impala. Mine is squeeky right now, i was told it is the sway bar bushings that need to be replaced.

Many things need to be checked, 1st is the wheel bent or wobbling? 2nd check alignment and worn parts associated with, all tie rod ends+ball joints, then all control arm bushings. 3rd front strutts can be bent causing undue alignment problems .

What is the problem when at idle I have hard steering? I just replaced the rack.

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