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ignition control module. This is one of most common problems with Ford Tempo when there are over 100k miles Ignition coil or fuel pump are the 2 big ones that come to mind on that one. HEY IT COULD ALSO BE THE CAM SENSOR TELLING THE COMPUTER TO SHUT DOWN, THEN IT WILL RE-START IN 10-15 MINUTES, IF IT DOES IT MORE WHEN ITS HOT OUTSIDE, ITS BECAUSE THE SENSOR HAS A MAGNETIC PICKUP, WHICH CRACKS OVER TIME AND FROM OVERHEATING. WHEN I REPLACED MY SENSORS, VOILA! B00GER

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โˆ™ 2006-11-28 00:50:46
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Q: Why does a 91 ford Tempo shut off while driving and then not start but when it sits for sometime 30 minutes usually it starts up just fine?
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Why does 91 ford tempo die while driving and restart only after sitting 15 or 20 min?

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What would make a 1991 Ford Tempo die and not restart for several hours?

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