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If you can smell gas in your oil that is a bad thing. If you take off your oil cap and look at the inside of the cap if you see a greyish milky whitish color than you more than likely are on your way to a fully blown head gasket. When the head gasket seal starts going it leaks gas into the motor causing it to mix with your oil. After a short period of time your oil/gas mixture will cause and overload in friction inside the motor and this will "blow" out at the weakest point that being your already damaged head gasket.

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Is the throttle body connected to the fuel injector pulses?

A fuel injector pulse is the product of an electrical charge controlled by the ecm to briefly open an injector. If the engine is throttle body injected, you would find the injectors in the throttle body.

How do you replace the fuel injector on a throttle body Nissan 3.0?

how to replace fuel injector throttle body in a 1988 nissan pathfinder 3.

Where is the throttle position sensor on a 2000 cavalier 2.4?

The throttle position sensor on a 2000 Cavalier 2.4 is on the throttle body. It is mounted on the right side of the body.

What is throttle body injection?

1 injector

Were is the throttle position sensor located on a 2001 Chevy cavalier?

On the Throttle body!

What happens when you pour fuel injector cleaner into the throttle body injection?

Pouring the injector cleaner down the throttle body won't clean the injectors. You need to add the injector cleaner to the fuel tank for it to help you. Read the instructions on the container of injector cleaner.

Where is the fuel injector on a Chevy Cavalier?

if it is a 4 cylinder cavalier there are 4 injectors and they are right on top of the engine kind of behind the valve cover and under the throttle body. some have a rail, others just have a retainer. there will be an electrical connector on each injector and you can usually get to them after taking off the intake hose.

Why would gas pour out of the throttle body?

Gas pouring out of the throttle body would probably be caused by a leaking injector seal.

Does a z24 Chevy Cavalier have a carburetor?

no its a throttle body injected engine smokingallowed say's...Fenner82 is on the right track but not completely correct. His "TBI" engine has 1 fuel injector "squirting fuel strait down into the throttle body", and your Z24 has a multi-port injection system(1 fuel injector for each cylinder) which "squirts" fuel into the intake at the engine head.

What does the throttle body look like?

If your referring to a fuel injector. Follow the air intake tube in to the engine and it will run right into the throttle body on the norm.

Is there a fuel filter IN the throttle body of a 1990 s-10 4.3L truck?

In the throttle body, no but each fuel injector (there is two of them) has a filter.

Where is the throttle position sensor on a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier located?

The throttle position sensor is mounted to the throttle body on the end of the throttle shaft opposite of the lever.

Where is the throttle body injector on a 1996 Chevy Silverado?

The 1996 Chevrolet Silverado no longer came with throttle body fuel injection. It probably has the central sequential fuel injection system (CSFI) where each cylinder has its own fuel injector.

Does anyone know anything about 1989 Chevy cavalier carburetor ie gas into carb but not injector?

The 1989 Cavalier is Fuel Injected and does not have a carburetor. The 2.8 V6 is Multi Port FI. The 4 cylinder, I am not familiar with and it may be Throttle Body FI which would look like a carburetor, but if you look closely, has a single injector mounted in the intake plenum. Both engines are FI.

Why does your Chevy 350 got no fule on pistons 1357?

Check the injector (inside the throttle body)

Will the wiring harness for a 2.8 throttle body work on a 4.3 with central port injector?


Injector not working on 1986 celebrity 2.5?

There are two injectors at the top of the throttle body. If you can see that one works and the other does not, then replace the nonworking injector

How do you tell if your car needs the fuel injector replaced?

I had a 1987 Pontiac Grand Am I found out that the injector needed to be replaced when the car would start for only a few seconds and the die out abruptly. The injector would only spray enough fuel into the throttle body in order to start it then would stop, the injector was located in the middle and above the throttle body making for an easy repair.

How do you repair a throttle body fuel leak on a 1997 cavalier 2.2?

Check the throttle body over carefully to find the leak. If a gasket is leaking then a new gasket set will stop the leak. If the body has a crack then you will need to replace the throttle body.

Where is the throttle body injector on your 305?

The thing that looks like a carburetor on the top of your engine, Is called a Throttle body, If you look down in it you will see 2 injectors, 1 on each side of it.

Does a 91 Corsica have a carburetor?

No, it has a throttle body fuel injection system (TBFI). It may look like a carburetor but it is not. The injector is mounted inside the throttle body that looks like a carburetor.

What are the major differences between Throttle body fuel injection port fuel injection systems?

Throttle body injection has one injector located in the throttle body that supplies fuel to the intake manifold. This fuel flows to all cylinders just like it does on a vehicle with a carburetor. Port injection uses tubes with poppet valves from a central injector to spray fuel at each intake port rather than the central throttle body.

96 stratus randomly dies then restarts and runs fine for days?

fuel injector, throttle body.

Where is the iac located on a 1988 cavalier 2.8?

it is a small electric motor on the side of the throttle body

How do you install a Spider Fuel Injector in a 95 blazer?

To my knowlege the spider fuel injector system came out in the 96 models. 1995 still had the throttle body injection.

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