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Smoking is usually caused by bad rings, cylinder washdown (too much fuel) or bad valve stem seals.

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Q: Why does a 95 Honda civic ex 1.6 vetc with no exhaustcadallac converter smokes after new head gasket installation?
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Engine smokes and oil is getting in the cooling systum?

You have a blown head gasket.

Why do car smokes when catalytic converter was removed?

Vehicle burning oil? Might not show when converter is installed due to high temperature produced by converter (oil is burned and disipated in converter before getting to tailpipe).

Car smokes grey out of exhaust and looses engine coolant what is the reason why it is doing this?

blown head gasket!

What if your 1993 Nissan terrano 2 has got no acceleration and smokes?

sounds like a blown head gasket.

Why would an 02 Montana shake and smoke after head gasket change?

If the vehicle smokes either the gasket was installed improperly or then heads were not checked before being reinstalled and one of them was warped if the vehicle overheated when the head gasket blew then most likely its a warped head. Devan

What is the problem if your 91 Acura Legend smokes but it smells like water and water comes out of the tailpipe?

Blown head gasket or cracked head.

Why 2001 Audi engine smokes after adding antifreeze and smells while idling?

It has a leak in the Cooling System Somewhere, It might have a cracked Head or a Blown gasket

Your 1999 Camry smokes after driving about 5 miles?

If the smoke is white, the problem is a blown head gasket. If the smoke is blue, step valve seals have to be replaced.

1999 Dodge Intrepid smokes when started?

If it only smokes at startup and the smoke is blue this is normally a sign of worn valve seals or guides. White smoke is a symptom of blown head gasket. Black smoke is a symptom of overly rich fuel/air mixture.

What is wrong with a 1991 Ford Explorer that uses a lot of fuel and smokes black but runs good and has lots of power?

Fuel mixture is too rich. Get this fixed asap as engine damage can occur. It can also damage the converter and O2 sensor.AnswerBlack smoke means you are burning oil. You might want to do a compression check on your engine to determine if you have a blown head gasket. Check you coolant and see if there is oil in it. If there is, then you defenitely have a leak. It could be a head gasket problem. Good luck..

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Why is my Civic smoking from exhaust?

This could be a few the worst case, it could be a head gasket. But then again I've just had my head gasket done on my vti and mine smokes a little. This also could be down to worn piston rings or oil stem seals

2002 mustang GT Overheats quickly and smokes Radiator and hoses full of sludge Have replaced water pump radiator and thermostat?

You either have a cracked block, blown head gasket, or intake manifold gasket leaking coolant into the engine oil. You have bad problems.

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Why your 302 smokes out one side?

The smoking out one side and not the other is a bad piston ring, a blown head gasket or cracked head it can be one or the other. If the smoke is blue its a bad ring or valve, if the smoke is white its a blown head gasket or a cracked head. Hope this helps you. D.

1989 Mazda 323 smokes white?

If it is blueish white in color then it is oil. If it is steamy it is antifreeze. check for leaky head gasket/also you may have a cracked block and water is getting into the cylinders

Why is white smoke coming out of my cars tail pipes?

Sounds like head gasket have you over heated your car lately. It may be just steam but, if it is a head gasket, your coolant is leaking into the cylinders and then out your tailpipes. Antifreeze smokes good. A sure-fire way to check for the latter is to check your oil. If it looks like a milkshake or has milkshake-like residue on your dip-stick, it's a blown gasket.

Could a bad head gasket cause low comp in 2 cylinders on an 01 sentra spec v It only has 50000 on it and it uses oil but smokes a lttle white and smells like antifreeze?

If the 2 cylinders are adjacient it is a pretty good bet that the head gasket is leaking and causing your problems

What is wrong when a car smokes under the hood?

Most likely a valve cover gasket is leaking or exhaust manifolds bolts are loose. one burning oil on hot surface or just smoke from exhaust.