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Why does a car overheat when using the AC and not moving?


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2011-09-13 23:43:46
2011-09-13 23:43:46

to low on antifrezze, or air cond. compressor locked or locking-up, to low on water& antifrezze mix in ratiator, or fan clutch out, fan belt slipping, try the antifrezze amount mixed first and make sure the fluid is circulating good ,if not water pump or stuck thermostat


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Yes, low coolant will cause it to overheat without the AC; that is not the only reason that will cause overheating however.

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It can if their is something wrong with the cooling system.

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Yes---after air goes thru condensor,it is warmer than if ac is off. Clean the radiator

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Your AC should not cause your car to overheat. Your car probably has a different reason that it is overheating. However, your AC adds additional heat to the engine. Your car wants your AC off until you get the problem fixed. You would have a similar situation if you sprained your ankle while you carried your backpack. Someone would tell you to put down the backpack until you got your sprained ankle taken care of.

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If the engine is overheating, running the ac will make it overheat faster. The ac only cools the inside of the car, it actually adds heat under the hood.

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