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Where is the check engine light relay for 2001 jeep wrangler?

The check engine light is not controlled by a relay, the bulb is grounded directly by the engine computer.

Why doesn't the horn work on 1995 Eagle Talon?

Horn relay in engine compartment by the PCM

Where is the relay of fuel pump of Opel Astra type g located?

The Fuel Pump Relay is at position 3 in the engine bay relay plate

What would cause a bad main relay to trigger the check engine light on a 94 Accord EX?

The main relay will give an check engine light to indicate that the electrical system is bad.

Why would a engine fan keep blowing after the engine is stopped?

Normal operation to cool engine Relay stuck in closed position?

What does the pedal relay mean when you check engine light comes on?

It means that your relay is out, and has to be replaced with a new one, and once its been replaced, your check engine light will turn off in about 20 minutes or so.

Where is the antenna relay on a 1994 Corvette?

Check the fuse box in the engine compartment

Where is the relay for the fuel pump on a 1990 bronco?

The relay is in a block of relays on the left side of the engine compartment just back of the air cleaner. The relay cover should tell you what position the fuel pump relay is in.

Where can you buy a radio relay for 1995 eagle talon?

Check the craigs list listings in your area. Look it up on google

How do you troubleshoot a 1991 Ford Ranger that won't start after replacing the relay?

Check for continuity coming from the switch from the "start" position. If it is good, then the starter is defective, or a loose wire somewhere around the engine.

Where can you find the wiring diagram for relay position for a 1997 Mercury Sable?

You can find the wiring diagram for a relay position for a 1997 Mercury Sable in the owner's manual. You can also check local auto stores.

How do you locate a sensor that tells the fan not to run because it thinks the engine is not hot even when it is boiling over?

Depending on the engine, check coolant relay and temp sensor that triggers that relay

Blower motor relay switch Honda civic?

The blower motor relay switch in the Honda Civic is located at the center of the engine closest to the firewall. The relay is engaged when the ignition is turned to the on position.

Where is the turn signal relay on 1997 Oldsmobile silhouette?

check your two fuse boxes one is between your passenger door and the dashboard and the othe is located in your engine labelled engine relay center

Your 1998 jimmy will start sometimes and wont other times?

Check voltage and plug on your fuel pump relay. Also check the relay (while the engine is running) for heat. Might be a bad ground???

Where is the crank position sensor on Eagle vision?

i think its just in front of cylinder #2 sticking out of the aluminum part, right above the timing belt relay

Subaru check engine code 12?

It is possible that a Subaru Check Engine Code #12 is a bad starter switch. This is usually the starter relay switch malfunction code for Subaru.

Heater fan doesnt work in1995 dodge Dakota?

Check fuse. If good then check if you have power to motor (just need a 12 volt test light) If there is power then need fan motor-if no power check the relay. power to relay then you have found the problem. Relay is in the engine compartment on pass side of firewall. 95% of time the relay is out

Fuel pump wont start 95 jeep?

try the fuel pump relay in the engine bay. check wiring schematic for locations. swap with a/c relay or other same style relay to rule out a bad relay.

The blower fan on your expedition stays on with the engine off?

Check the blower relay, it may be getting stuck..............

What controls the fuel pump on a le baron?

The engine computer via a relay.The engine computer via a relay.

What is an explanation of relay 913157 function?

The fuel pump relay, is controlled by the EEC module, which provides power to fuel pump under various operating conditions. When ignition is in "OFF" position, EEC power and fuel pump relay contacts are open. After engine starts, power to fuel pump is supplied through fuel pump relay. EEC module senses engine speed and shuts off fuel pump relay when engine stops.

Where is the horn relay on an 95 eagle talon esi?

It is in the fuse/relay box, in the hood compartment.

Why does the horn on your 2000 Saturn LS only make a clicking sound in the engine compartment when you push it?

check the relay

What is check engine code P1491 for 2002 dodge durango?

P1491 Rad Fan Control Relay Circuit

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