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== == because young men are far more likely to have a car accident than what young women are. it's because of the "live fast, die young" phenomena. young men have a greater amount of testosterone compared to young women. this hormone plays a huge part in the ways young men behave. And so what would seem like a good idea to a young man,for instance,( eg. driving around a corner really fast to get a 'rush' and show off.) is often seen as stupid idea by most other people. including insurance agencies.

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Q: Why does auto insurance costs more for young teenage boys than it does for young teenage girls?
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Insurance costs for young drivers can vary widely by provider and are based upon a number of factors. On average, a young driver will a decent driving record can expect to pay between $150 and $200 per month.

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Auto Insurance for Young Drivers?

Young drivers can face a tough time in finding cheap auto insurance. Drivers under the age of 25 have to effectively prove they can drive carefully on the road before insurance providers will decrease the cost of insurance for them. There are many factors that work to increase the price young drivers pay for car insurance. Some of these factors a young driver has no control over. For example, an insurance company considers a young driver's history of driving in creating an insurance rate. A young driver may have no history at all, which automatically means the insurance company has to charge high fees for its policy. In addition, the location in which a young driver lives may affect his or her insurance policy rate. If a young driver lives in a large city with congested traffic, then it is likely his or her insurance rate will go up. These are just a couple of the extraneous factors insurance companies use to determine insurance rates for young drivers. A few more factors will work to determine a young driver's insurance rate. A young driver's gender always plays into role in determining the insurance rates. Young female drivers are more likely to be cautious and get into fewer accidents on the road. Because of this, young female drivers enjoy decreased insurance rates. Male young drivers will have to pay higher insurance rates. This is the other factor that a young driver has no control over and is charged increased insurance rates for. To cut costs as much as possible, there are a couple factors young drivers can control. The type of vehicle a young driver uses will have an effect on an insurance rate. Sports cars and red cars often affect an insurance policy by increasing its rates. Cars that are flashy have a greater chance of being vandalized or hit on the road. A young driver should choose an economical and basic car for low insurance rates. Another way to cut costs is to get good grades in school. If a young driver maintains a grade point average above a 3.0, many insurance carriers will forward a "good student" discount to the young driver. Having a short commute from home to school is another factor one can use to negotiate a lower insurance rate.

Do you need special car insurance for young drivers?

There is no different insurance for drivers of any age, the only thing that will differ is the price. Expect to pay a lot more for teenage drivers, and the price drops around age 25.

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