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it depends on what car and engine. it could be your fuel filter, or a vacuum leak. your converter might be pluged also. these are some things to check out about the problem.

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Q: Why does car bog down when trying accelerate?
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Related questions

Why does a car slow down when you accelerate?

A car goes faster when you accelerate. It slows down when you brake.

What would cause a car to bog down then run smooth?

what would cause my car to run fine when it has first started up then after a while first gear will kinda bog down.

Examples in the law of acceleration?

· When you are in a car and push down the pedal, the car will accelerate.

Why a driver will make his car accelerate or decelerate?

To make the car go or slow down.

3 ways a object can accelerate?

Three ways an object can accelerate is speeding up,slowing down, and changing direction.

What would cause your engine to bog down in your 1979 Lincoln town car?

mass air flow sensor

Does friction always slow stuff down?

Sort of. If you slam on the brakes of your car, the car slows down. But in the coordinate system of the things inside the car, you appear to accelerate out of your seat and through the windscreen.

Car starts and runs but bogs down when you step on the accelerator?

There are several reasons why a car will start and then bog down when the accelerator is pushed. Some of the reasons could be plugs, fuel pump, or the catalytic converter.

Will a clog fuel fiter make a car sputter and bog down?

It does not always mean that will happen, but it is certainly a common cause and if your car is sputtering and bogs down it would be one of the first things to check.

What is easier for a car to do when running down hill accelerates oo decelerates?

Accelerate - gravity will always try to pull the car downhill.

What would cause a car to bump when you accelerate but It does not make a noise and I feel a bumping when I accelerate and it stops when I let off the gas?

Is it bogging down? if thats what your referring to, then maybe try a fuel pump if yoir car has one.

Your 1996 Chevy truck continues to bog down after cold starts after complete tune-up.?

The reason that he chevy truck may continue to bog down, is due to the car needing to warm up before starting. There may also be an issue with the fuel pump.

What does hesitation during acceleration mean on a 99 rodeo?

Hesitation during acceleration on a 1999 Rodeo means that when the gas pedal is pushed down, the car does not immediately accelerate. It may take a second or two for the car to accelerate in this situation.

Does a car accelerate when it goes around a corner at a steady pace?

no the car must use its brakes to slow down when it goes around a corner

Should you use cruise control in the rain?

No , absolutely not ( if you hit a puddle , which will slow the car down , the cruise control willtry to accelerate the car to maintain the set speed )It's not recommended to use the cruise control in the rain. Normally, you use the cruise control on the highways. When it's raining you need complete control on the car and be fully alert.( NO ) if you hit a puddle that slows the car down then the cruise control will accelerate the carbetter not it could cause the car to accelerate at the wrong time and cause loss of control

Why does my car shake trying to accelerate pass 50 mph and from a stop?

I would check your tires they could be out of balance. or a tire could be bad .

How do you make a toy car go fast down a ramp with out pushing it?

drop down a 89 degree slope, that way it will accelerate at the speed of gravity

How can you tell if a spider fuel injection is bad on your 96 Tahoe?

My mechanic just told me that mine is bad. My car just would not start, but i had some symptoms leading up to it not starting. WHen I pressed the gas it would bog down and not accelerate very fast. The RPM's would jump up to 3500 or so and rev like its hitting the rev limiter.If your car is doing that or any signs of loss of power its probably it...

Does the distance a toy car travels down a ramp affect its speed?

yes This is because of the fact that gravity is a measure of acceleration. The longer the car has to accelerate the faster is will be by the end.

Why does your car knock when you accelerate?

Because its trying to get to 88 mph so you can stop justin beiber from being born HURRY YOUR ARE LAST HOPE

Why is my car smoking when you accelerate?

Your car should not smoke when I accelerate. Maybe it caught fire because you dropped a cigarette. If my car smokes when I accelerate, it's because the piston rings are loose and oil is getting into the combustion chamber.

Why does your car refuse to accelerate?

I don't have a car.

Why does your car act like it hits neutral only when you accelerate fast?

Because the high rpms of the car keep the motor spinning fast so that it is not acting like a compression brake, slowing your car down.

Why is it easier to accelerate a car on the moon as it is to accelerate the same car on Earth?

Less weight to move and no wind resistance since no atmosphere.

What conditions does a car not accelerate?

When a car turns a corner.