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It could just be a detent, but most likely the bearings are going in the transmission and it's a little mis-aligned when you try to go, pushing it out of gear.

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Q: Why does car keep slipping out of first through third gear there is nothing wrong with transmission but 4th 5th and reverse stay in gear plus you just put in a new clutch?
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What does it mean when your reverse is stalling?

It may mean your transmission is damaged, and is applying too much torque. You may have lost fluid through a crack in the transmission. A qualified transmission mechanic can determine if the transmission needs to be repaired or replaced.

How does to much automatic transmission fluid effect shifting patterns through the gears of a 92' 250 ram van?

The fluid will aerate, which will cause slipping, shuddering, etc..

How do you wire your 87 samurai backup lights bypassing the backup light transmission mounted switch?

You would have to literally run a wire from the battery through a fuse and then to a toggle switch and then on to the backup lights, this will only function when the switch is on and will have nothing to do with the transmission being in reverse. This is essentially the same as putting a toggle switch across the transmission mounted switch (assuming the transmission switch is not shorted).

How do you i get my 87 Mazda rx7 to go into reverse?

If your transmission is good then you usually have to pump the clutch a few times and go through all the gears back to reverse til it goes in. I usually go from 4th to reverse then 1st to reverse then 3rd to reverse etc...until it goes in. Hope that helps!

Why does my truck not go into reverse?

Check the transmission fluid for odd color or smells. If all of the forward gears work ok then the transmission fluid may not be flowing properly through the valves. The filter could be stopped up, or the bands for reverse could be worn.

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Where is the backup light switch located on a 1996 Freightliner fl50 which lights stays on all the time?

On top of the transmission output. The best way to get to them is usually to remove the boot from the transmission shift tower, and go in through the floor.If you have an Allison automatic,, the reverse lamps are controlled through the transmission ECU.

What causes Transmission to lose power in 5th gear in 95 jeep wrangler?

The transmission doesn't lose power, but it quits getting power if the clutch starts slipping. Without going into detail about the physics of a clutch, the most energy is being transferred through the clutch when in the highest gear thus it is fifth gear where slipping is first noticed. My guess is its time for a new clutch.

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Why douse your 94 accord ex revs but won't go 1st gear vibration 2nd slipping won't go?

If it won't go into gear, it's probably the transmission. You can check the fluid level, but if that's up, the transmission is through. Probably clutch pack or valve body.

Why does a suzuki quadrunner make a loud winding noise when revved up?

According to the manufacturer, there is nothing abnormal about the whining sound in the transmission. It is a normal sound as the transmission moves through its ranges.

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Where is the back up switch located on a 1970 Mercedes Benz 280 SL?

The reverse lights are powered up through the neutral/safety switch on the left side of the transmission.

Where is the transmission fill hole on a Allison transmission?

You fill the transmission through the dipstick

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Would a clogged catalytic converter cause the transmission to shift hard?

It could be the source of hard shifts. In an electronically controlled transmission many sensor inputs determine shift times and firmness. If the back pressure of the exhaust is reintroduced through the exhaust gas recovery (EGR) valve to the intake then the power control module (the car's "computer") may interpret this as heavy engine load and raise the transmission line pressure to protect the transmission from slipping. This will be felt as hard shifts.

Where do you add transmission fluid in a v8 mustang?

Through the dipstick tube. Unless its a manual transmission you have to go under the car and fill it through the transmission fill plug

How to put oil in your transmission?

you refill the transmission through the dipstick tube.

How do you fill the transmission fluid in a Chevelle?

through the transmission dipstick tube.

Where do you fill the automatic transmission on a Toyota Highlander?

You can fill the transmission through the transmission dip stick tube.

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