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Why does everything in the media that is supposed to be serious look like a SNL skit?

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2007-05-11 07:29:58

You asked a very good question and I've become very disgusted

with not only media, but programs, the news, etc., that takes

something that is serious and makes it into a standing joke or

sensationalism. You can blame the fans of Reality Shows to a

degree. Who in their right mind would make a TV program popular by

seeing someone being degraded over and over again. I find that some

people in this world are becoming hardened and insensitive perhaps

because they mistrust others, or some are plain greedy. I have no

use for descention, gossip, cheating or talking behind a person's

back when they can't defend themselves. It appears many love to

kick a dog when it's down! We see some judges and lawyers with

their programs on TV which I think is making a mockery out of the

justice system. Some people will do anything for money! It's all

about money, popularity, making a position for themselves and all

they basically end up doing is being a flash in the pan and fading

away. That's one good thing about it. A classic case of the above

is the David Hasselhoff video which was leaked out (I have no doubt

it was his wife and her attorney that did so although the wife

denies it.) The man has a drinking problem and needs help. He asked

his daughter to video tape him so he could see for himself what he

looked like when drunk. Unfortunately the tape leaked out into the

media and they play it over and over again. You bet it's unfair,

but then again, who said life was fair. The world is a rough place

and one has to always watch their back and listen well to their

instinctive feelings about certain things in their life. In fact,

I'm doing that right now with a problem I have. I consider no one

my friend when I do business because I instinctively know there is

one large bone in the middle of this world and everyone wants a

piece of it and some people will do anything to get a piece of that

bone. The one thing I can do is remain true to myself, never sink

as low as some, but be cautious and if I don't like what I hear or

see I have the opportunity to walk away. I stay away from the media

as much as possible and use my own common sense. There are still

many good people out there and better entertainment and humans have

the choice of what they want to see on programs, in theaters, etc.

There are a lot of people doing good things without "pay back" of

any sort, but you have to look in the right places. The media

sensationalizes everything that could be good, but seems to find

the bad in it. There is lots of good news out there, but the old

saying is, "Bad news travels fast" is so true.

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