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Mis adjusted linkage. Low fluid. Internal malfunction.

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Q: Why does my car not go in reverse?
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2004 town car won't go in reverse?

why reverse wont go in on 2004 town car

Why does your RC car go faster in reverse?


What is problem when car won't go into reverse?

Bad reverse clutch in the tranny

What is the problem when the car will not go in reverse or go in drive the transmission fluid is still full?

what is the problem when the car will not go in drive or reverse? and the transmission fluid is still full

What happens when you shift from drive to reverse with out stopping?

car will jerk forward and then go in reverse

Why won't my car go in reverse?

Tranny is shot.The reverse gear in your transmission had burned out

Why would a car not go in reverse?

Automatic or manual?

How fast can a car go in reverse?

a race car about fift-60 mph a refgular car iwould NT go more thatn 30 for a reg car or race car if you do go fast in reverse i can be dangerouls u don't have as much control

The car will only go in reverse and will not drive forward What do you think it is?

truck will only go forward not in reverse does this mean the transmission is gone

When you put it in reverse it make a noses and will not go anywhere but you put it in to neutral it will stop?

well it depends if your wanting to go backwards then you put the car in reverse . or if your wanting to stop then you put the car on neutral.

Can a car nos in reverse?

no it will cause u 2 go > slowly >=forward

Your 88 beretta does not reverse fast enough?

I have an '88 beretta that does not go in reverse fast enough when i press on the gas peddle. it goes in reverse in a slow pace manner. The car will not go reverse if parked against in inclined street.

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