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Shocks have gone bad ( dried out seals ) or spring shackles loose. have someone bounce the rear of the car while you look under to narrow down the source of the squeak.

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Q: Why does my car squeak in the back and rides rough?
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What causes the car to squeak when driving and the road is rough - does not squeak when raining only dry conditions?

The car may need new brakes or tires because they might be wearing down.

What causes a squeak from the right front wheel well?

More info: '97 Honda, the right front tire was recently patched by a tire shop. Squeak occurs when the car bounces on bumps, holes, rough road.

How do they pimp they rides on GTASA?

Look for question"Where do you tune your car in GTA San ?" you can find it out back there.

Why does your car squeak when you turn your wheel?

ball joints

Loud squeak at back left of car?

Inspect the shock, and springs. Can also be worn brake pads/shoes if you hear this when braking.

If the back of your car is hanging down a lot lower in the front and it rides real rough in the back feeling every bump in the road what do you do or replace to fix that?

== == This sounds like either one or both of the rear springs are BROKEN. or the rear shock absorbers are also broken. Put the car up on a hoist and LOOK at the rear suspension, for broken springs and /or shocks.

Why does your car rattle and squeak?

It is most likely that the cars brakes are bad.

Shocks and struts replaced but car still rides rough what can you do?

How about trying to put a sway bar or stabilizer bar. This part of the suspension usually aids in increasing the suspension's roll stiffness and the resistance of the car to roll in turns.

What would cause squeaking in a fairly new car during acceleration?

Squeaking can be heard on any vehicle new or not. But sometimes when a car squeaks the brakes are bad or going bad. Other times the brakes may be new, like on a new car and sometimes old ones, the brand of brake pads may be bad. When you get your brakes replaced, they are suppose to add some grease that comes in the brake package. There is a small thing on the brake pads that will squeak and rub and make noise when the pads get low. That way you will know it is time to change them, if you let it get that far. Other causes of squeaks could be shocks. If they go bad, your car can squeak and creek. You can check if your car is parked and brakes are on. Turn off your car too. Then go to the front of the car and mash up and down on the front of the car or back of car. If the car bounces freely, then your shocks are bad or going bad. Other squeaks can be drive belts loose or too tight. There are a number of things that can cause a car to squeak. Listen from where the sound is coming from. Is it in front, back, left side, right side? Is it a long squeal or squeak squeak squeak? Do it happen when you first go and stop? All this can help you or your mechanic pinpoint the source of the squeak. Remember, just because a part is new, that does not mean it is good. That goes for any product, especially electrical stuff, that is why most places will not accept returns on electrical product, coz they go bad lost of times. A squeak under acceleration could also be a universal joint going bad.

What car does Johnson have?

He rides the bus duhhh :)

Your car groans when you back up and turn the wheel?

I had same problem with a NEW car. Took it back (under warranty) It was cured in four hours, it was the radiator rubber mountings, or one of them anyway, so the guy at the dealers said!! He was right, i had that car for three more years, not a squeak.

Will bigger tires affect how the car rides?

How it rides, handles, fuel mileage and power are affected.

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