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Why does smoke rise from the negative terminal on a 3-day old battery when trying to jump start it?


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2004-07-13 11:34:27
2004-07-13 11:34:27

Hey Johnny==Either the battery cable needs cleaning or replaced. It may be loose in the end. Also make sure you have a good ground between the engine and the body. Goodluck Joe


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If the engine cranks slowly or makes no noise when you try to start it. If you jump the battery and it starts but won't start again immediately afterwards. If smoke comes from the terminal connections, do not keep trying to start your car, this most-likely is because your battery cells are fusing. If the water under the caps on the battery is low, you will also have problems starting the car, they may need to be brought up to about a half-inch below the top.

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A battery is a fortification that has heavy weapons to destroy the target and when they plunge into the "battery-smoke" they are plunging into the area where the battery had fired a weapon which is incredibly dangerous.

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It's probably poor contact at that negative (ground) terminal. The "dirty" terminal and connector won't allow the large surge of current through them that is needed to drive the starter motor. Pull the connectors off both terminals, clean the connectors and battery terminals, and put it back together. That should do it. Be sure to remove the negative connector first, and put it back on last. Additionally, apply a bit of corrosion resistive compound to the terminals and connectors after you get it together to keep things tidy. Ask your friendly neighborhood auto parts person what he recommends. Or check around on this site for advice on that.

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A chirping smoke alarm normally means the battery is low.Change the battery.Do not remove the battery.Your life may depend on it

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