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It's low on freon.

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What type of air conditioning coolant is used for a 1995 mercury sable

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Q: Why does the AC compressor on 1995 Astro Van not turn but gauge on low pressure side reads 70 lbs?
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If A pressure gauge reads 16.2 bar what is the pressure in kpa?

16.2 bar = 1,620 kPa

What if the fuel pressure is at 80 psi in an explorer?

Your pressure gauge may be broken....If it fluctuates, then you know its not your gauge, but if your gauge always reads 80, it may need to be replaced.

How does a pressure gauge work?

Reverse airflow feels a chamber inside the gauge and reads the pressure equal to the inside of the tyre its that simple. Same for air compressure, when the pressure is applied it seals the valve on the gauge end then back pressure fills the chamber inside the gauge when you release the gauge from the tyre valve the pressure has gone!!

What if the oil pressure gauge reads high all the time?

It means the filter needs replacement

What is an oil pressure sensor?

It is an electrical devise that "measures" the oil pressure and converts it into an electrical signal that a computer or the gauge cluster reads.

Can you drive 2001 Jeep Cherokee when oil pressure gauge reads 80?

Yes. That is most likely a sensor malfunction and will do no harm. Zero pressure is when you worry.

1999cadillac eldorado ac will not come on info reads low pressure - ac off?

probably need a new compressor. definitely has a leak.

When do you Plan to refuel when your fuel gauge reads?

You might plan to refuel when your fuel gauge reads one-eighth of a tank of gasoline. Some people choose to refuel when the gauge reads one-quarter of a tank remaining.

Why does warm air blow out of 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 air conditioner when the compressor is working and refrigerant pressure reads properly at 25-45 psi?

that is too low of pressure.

How do you know if oilpump is bad on chevy350?

Need to hook up a oil pressure gauge in the place were the oil sending unit is on the engine and see what the gauge reads, You should have no less then 20 LBS. at a idle. If it does not have oil pressure then pump is bad.

Engine temperature gauge reads high then normal?

i just put in a new radiator and now temperature gauge reads high but their are no leaks

1997 Astro van oil pressure gauge reads about 20 psi key on or not and engine running or not how to check if oil pump or oil pressure sending unit?

GM oil pressure senders have a pretty high failure rate. Since your van is 10 years old, and pressure senders are not too expensive, I would start by replacing your sender...there's a pretty high likelihood that you will eventually replace it anyway.

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