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Why does the air bag warning light keep flashing?

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Hey Jaime==There is something wrong with it and it won't deploy if you are in a wreck. Go to the dealer and there will be a code stored in the derm that will help him in diagnoising it. GoodluckJoe

Answerthe connection is behind the front bumper and is most likely disconnected


Like Joe said go to your dealer. Every car is different, but blinking is often a set belt restrainer and not the actual airbag (at least with us in Europe).

airbag light on means some fault codes stored in your car,

you should clear the fault codes or reset your airbag.

2012-05-22 07:37:46
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What does the red warning light in the Citroen Synergie temperature gauge indicate?

It is a dual purpose warning light. It will illuminate if the coolant temperature gets too high, and, if air conditioning is fitted, certain faults will cause the warning light to flash. If it is an air conditioning fault then turning the air conditioning off will stop the light from flashing.

Why is Airbag warning light flashing 350z?

how to reset nissan 350Z airbag air bag light and infiniti G35 air bag

Iveco warning lights?

The low air warning light is in indication the air compressor is not working or can't keep up with replenishing the air system. The red battery warning light is an indication the battery is not charging properly.

Why does the dash warning stop light flash when the air conditioning is switched on in my peugeot 306 hdi?

The flashing warning light may be an indication that the air conditioning system is drawing too much power from the battery. A weak battery or alternator can be the cause of this problem.

Why is the sitting dash light flashing on my 94 escort lx 1.9 l?

If it is red it is flashing because your seat belts aren't buckled. If it is yellow it is a warning that your air bag system isn't working.

Why is the seatbelt airbag light flashing in a 2000 Ford Explorer xls?

Warning lights are important to pay attention to and know warning lights. If seat belt lights flash, and an air bag light flash, it means there are problems with both parts.

HOW DO YOU stop the air bag light from flashing in a 2006 crown vic?

The light is flashing because there is a problem. The problem will need to be diagnosed and repaired to stop the flashing.

My infiniti g35 2004 has the air bag flashing light warning on what to do to turn that off?

This should help:

How do you stop air bag light from flashing?

You have a problem with the air bag system and until it is repaired the light will continue to flash.

How do you reset flashing airbag light on a 1996 Nissan Sentra?

1996 nissan sentra air bag flashing how to reset

Why air bag light flashing on 96 Nissan truck?

If the airbag light is flashing on a 96 Nissan truck, it is because there is a problem with the airbag circuitry. The air bag may not work properly in a crash if it is not fixed.

Why does 96 mustang airbag light keep flashing?

It is flashing a code for you to use in determining the reason the flashing purpose. in other words it has determined that there is a problem with the air bag system. it will flash the code for 5 times and the the light will stay on. it will be a 2 digit code. count the flashes to determine the code. Your Ford dealer can tell you what the codes mean and where to look for the problem.

How do you reset the air bag warning light on a 1998 Toyota Avalon?

How do you reset the Airbag warning light on a 1995 Toyota Avalon?

What is broken if the air conditioning light is flashing?

There could be many things wrong when the air conditioning light is flashing. It could mean the AC is going out,the fuse is blown, the fan is broken,etc. Use an OBD scanner to get the code.Ê

How do you clear a flashing air bag code 12 from the dash display of a 1993 Mazda 626 ES?

Take it to a dealer. The air bag won't work while the light is flashing.

What does it mean when your air bag light is flashing?

It means: Check me into a garage. The airbag is not ready.

What does a flashing red light gun signal mean?

In aviation, flashing red means get of the runway if you are on the ground and it means the airport is not safe for landing if you are in the air.

How do you reset airbag warning light on 1996 jetta?

The air bag warning light is on because there is a problem with the air bag system. The light will remain on until the problem is fixed. The air bag will not function as long as the light remains on. See a qualified garage soon for necessary repairs.

Reset air bag warning light Nissan almera tino?

Reset air bag warning light Nissan almera tino?Read more:Reset_air_bag_warning_light_Nissan_almera_tino

What does it mean if my 1995 Ford contour air bag light is flashing?

A malfunction with the air bag system has been detected

Air suspension warning light on 2004 jaguar xj8 what does it mean?

It usually means that the air compressor cannot keep up with a preset demand for air. As long as the suspension is at normal height it is not dangerous. Iif you get the "too low" warning, you should not drive the car till it's repaired.

Vw eurovan dashboard warning light circle with curved lines around it What does it mean?

It is your abs system (air bag system) warning light or it is your brake pad wear warning light (depends the year of your van).

What does the flashing red light on your air hog hyperactive race car mean?

It means its charging

How do you reset airbag warning light in 2003 S-10?

The air bag warning light is on because the air bag system has detected something is wrong. The light will remain on until the problem is fixed. Once the problem is fixed the light will reset itself.

What does a flashing air bag light mean on a 1992 ford crown Victoria?

A flashing air bag light on the 1992 Ford Crown Victoria means that the airbag system has been disabled. This could be because it is damaged or because the key for the system is turned to "off."