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It sounds like you simply need to change the alternator. Easy test: if vehicle will start, carefully remove the ground/negative cable from the battery (may help to llosen slightly beforehand). If vehicle runs, turn on lights; if it still runs, the alternator is fine. All vehicles should run on alternator only. If the vehicle sputters and dies, the alternator is dead. Replace alternator, and VERY IMPORTANT, fully charge battery before engaging alternator. A weak battery can damage a new alternator causing alternator death.

2007-01-06 19:58:45
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Why would a car battery keep dying?

A car battery would keep dying because inversely, the lesser the battery is used, the dying process continues. The more the battery is used, the lesser the dying process. But the dying commences and continues , the moment the car engine is not used. Thus, as often as the car is being used, the dying "resumes" the moment tne engine stops. And the faster it is used again, the slower the dying process.EVerytime the car engine is used, the battery recharges, thus life is given back to the battery. Once the engine stops, the dying resumes. This is why the car battery keeps on dying (everytime the car engine is not being used)

What is wrong with a Kia Sedona when you turn the engine and it just clicks?

It means your battery is dying

Why did your remote start quit working and the engine light come on?

It is possible the battery in your remote is dying...that signals a fail to start and a Check Engine Light for low remote battery voltage

Why would a 1985 gmc jimmy s15 be dying at idle?

Well if the engine is bad?! I would check the trany that might be it. It might be the battery. Well if the engine is bad?! I would check the trany that might be it. It might be the battery.

Why is your BMW 325i battery light flashing?

your battery is dying or is dead

Why did your battery light come on a 1995 BMW 318i?

Your battery is probably dying

How can you tell if your battery is dying?

you look on the side of it

Why doses my battery keep dying on my Ford F150 new alternator new solenoid starter ec?

Could have a blown fusible link in the charging system. Start with attaching a volt meter to the battery. If the battery is fully charged it should read 12.68 volts (engine off). With engine running, 14.2 volts.

Why is my Dell Latitude battery light flashing orange and green?

Your battery is slowly dying.

What would be the problem if your battery seems to be dying and its brand new?

that means the battery is not good

When to change the battery on 2002 BMW?

When you see any sign the old battery is dying.

Why does the battery keep dying in 99 ford escort if you leave it hooked up when the engine is off?

Dead cell in battery, or something is on drawing power from the battery. Can be dome, under hood, trunk, glove box light, etc. Can also be a relay that is stuck.

Motor turns over slow on a 16.5 horse power Briggs and stratton engine?

dying battery, bad ground, starter brushes. take your pick

Can a jump start charge a dead battery?

yes it can and if you run the engine long enough after u jump start it you can recharge the battery Also, you might want to check to see if the alternator is alright because a bad one might be why your battery is dying unless you know it is a bad battery specifically.

Why is the car battery dying while the car is running?

I have a 2001 Intrepid and my battery kept dying, so 2 tow trucks later I found out that the battery that was in my car had over heated and battery acid was leaking. After that all I had to do was replace the battery and everything is well. Hope this helps!

What causes a 2003 Sunfire engine to keep dying when the battery is not dead?

Have you cheked your alternator? The battery only starts the car and runs electrical components such as your radio and A/C and lights. The alternator is the generator that keeps the engine running once it has been started. Mine was the fuel pump went out

Why will the engine die but everything else stays on?

The battery is what keeps the electronic and lights on, the engine is probabally dying because of a shortage in fuel, the pump couldn't be workin, the filter could be plugged, or the line could be kinked

What causes the battery to keep dying in my 99 Cadillac Catera?

Dead cell in battery or something is on pulling power from the battery.

Smoke coming from alternator engine cutting out?

It's either a bearing wearing out, melting wire insulation, or both. The engine dying is probably a result of the lack of electrical power. Your battery is probably just about dead too.

How do you drive a Grand Cherokee with no doors without the battery dying?

put the doors back on or get a new battery

Why would Battery keeps dying on me?

Because you over-use it

Can battery corrosion cause a battery to die or is it a sign that it may be dying?

it's already well dead if it is corroding

Could a dead or dying airbag backup battery drain a main battery when the car is not running?

It might

What causes the radio to shutdown when you turn on the headlights?

I think it is a dying battery

What does the battery color change to when the DSi is dying?

well when its dying its red when its going to die in like 20 secs it will flash red