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It depends on what kind of car you have. Try taking the pedal off and lubing the pivot and where the push rod mounts.

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Q: Why does the brake pedal squeak when released?
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Why does my brake pedal squeak when its released its a ford escort 1.6 k reg?

It needs to be lubricated where the pedal hangs off of the pivot point.

Why would the brake pedal itself squeak when depressed and released in a 2003 Grand Am?

The brake pedal has a hinge or pivot pin, give it a shot of lubricant,should stop squeaking.

Why does my car squeak when i release foot off brake pedal or let down hand brake?

dry brake shoe/pad operating arm on rear brakes

What causes the brake lights to stay lit after the brake pedal is released?

manualy lift brake pedal to see if they go out. if so check spring at pedal

What happens when the brake pedal is released?

Pressure is released from the hydraulic system and brake pistons relax.

Why do brake pads squeak after replacing pads?

Why do brake pads squeak after replacing pads?

How do you remove the emergency brake from a Toyota Sequoia?

Push the brake pedal to released.

Why does a 2007 Dodge Caravan horn honk when the brake pedal is released?

Look under dash near brake pedal assembly for a damaged wire grounding when pedal is released. Repair and tape it out of the way.

Is sustain pedal on piano supposed to squeak?


When Exhaust brake is on squeak noise comes from the engine?

When Exhaust brake is on squeak noise comes from the engine?"

Why After heavy rain brake pedal squeak?

Breaks will often squeak when they are wet, such as after a heavy rain, on a humid day, or on a foggy morning. The water prevents the pads from properly grabbing the rotors. This causes the squealing noise.

When you press the brake pedal on your Hyundai accent there sounds like air escaping from under the dash but goes away when brake pedal released?

The power brake booster is bad.

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