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I should have worded the question better, i meant why does it work at a further distance when you hold the metal part of the key directly to your head so its physically touching you. Please try it is 100% true and works every time. Hope someone can answer this the curiousity is killing me! Just because it's higher. when it's close to the ground the signal is weakened.

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Unlock head in Halo 3?

Unlock what head?

Does the length of a golf club effect the distance the ball travels....How?

yes longer clubs have decreased loft. also longer clubs will generate faster club head speed.

What does the actual length of the golf club determine?

Distance. The longer the shaft the wider the arc during a swing which translates to more club head speed which translates to more distance.

What is the distance from the head to the heart?

its not constant it depends on your body size. some people have longer necks, some people have

How do you unlock devil head soccer?

You have to pay $0.99 U.S dollars to unlock him

How do you unlock diamond head for ben10 protector of earth for psp?

You can't turn into a diamond head, but I remember that I could somehow turn into Benwolf and a mummy.

How do zhu zhu pets work?

zhu zhu pets have three buttons a back button a head button and a nose button. the back button makes them run. the head button turns on talk mode. talk mode is when you press the button and they make random noises. the nose button makes just one noise.

Does the length of a golf club affect the distance the ball travels?

To a certain extent yes. In theory, the longer the shaft, the greater the distance is between the pivot, which is the hands, and the club head. Therefore more momentum can be generated.

How do you unlock piranha prowler?

kick is head or punch it

How do you remove the headrests on a VZ commodore?

press the button on the base of the head rest (one of the plastic mounts has a button), while holding the button in, pull the head rest up out of the seat. To reinstall, do the reverse.

What is the distance between the head and the heart?

3 letters distance

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The code is: EPFAGENT Enter it to unlock an EPF head visor.

how do you unlock a dishwasher on a quiet series 200?

Stick a flat head screw driver in the handle area and force it to unlock

What is a snap rivet?

A round head or "button head" rivet. Typically only used for solid rivets with such a head shape.

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What is the driving distance between Suffolk VA and Hilton Head SC?

What is the driving distance from Suffolk, VA to Hilton Head, SC

How do you unlock prestige mode in Modern Warfare 2?

You unlock prestige mode when you reach level 70 when playing on Multiplayer. To unlock it you head into the barracks and select prestige mode.

How do you unlock Goku ss4 in PSP?

you have to put a blanket over your head

How do you unlock metal head in Guitar Hero 3 for the wii?

you buy him

How do you unlock the pumpkin head in club penguin 2011?

You click unlock items online enter this code: pumpkin1 Then you check your inventory and there it is!

What is the VBS button on my Honda Accord for?

VSA stands for Vehicle Stability Assistance. Never head of a VBS button.

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Because you are a poo head

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yeh if they tap the a button

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The distance from Brisbane to Lennox Head is 185 km. Travel time is just over two hours.

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Just copy them if there head goes to the left click you're left button if there head goes 2 the right click you're right button and when they go forward click the down button and when they go back press the up button