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Try, replacing your radaitor cap. Also, check to see if your heat is working, if the heat is not working you may need to replace the termostat. Are you over-filling the reservoir? It needs to be about half full, look for the mark. If it is overfilled you will always leak coolant when you turn off the engine. Check to see if the radiator cap can hold pressure, it needs to hold approximately 15 PSI, depending on the vehicle. If the thermostat is sticking closed the engine will overheat and depending on the vehicle your heater may or may not work. Check for other leaks. Just because you see it leaking out of the reservoir doesn't mean that's the only leak. If the engine becomes overheated because of insufficient coolant it will blow out whatever coolant it has and fluid will also come out the reservoir. If the water pump is leaking you may get a bubble of air inside the water pump during operation which causes a condition called "cavetating", (I'm not sure of the spelling) that does not allow coolant to circulate properly. Worst case condition, you could have a leaking head-gasket or cracked block or head that leaks combustion gasses into the coolant chamber. That condition causes engines to build pressure in the coolant chamber and the pressure blows out past the radiator cap. Good luck, I hope it's just the radiator cap for you.

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Q: Why does the coolant reservior overflow everytime the car is parked?
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What causes a 1998 cadillac deville to leak antifreeze through the overflow tube when parked and running only and not overheating?

A lot of heat is gonna build up when there is no air going through the radiator fins. This is one way that the cars vents some of this pressure. It is possible that it had too much coolant in it and the overflow tank filled up and pushed the rest out the overfrlow tube. It is normal for coolant to go back and forth between the overflow tank and the radiator. Just keep an eye on it and if it is not over heating then I wouldn't worry about it. Good luck.

Why would your radiator suck up antifreeze from the over flow?

If there is no leak visible so you can see antifreeze under the parked car, you probably have a head gasket going bad. You may have some signs of steam in your exhaust, or at least a sweet smell coming from the exhaust. You should have a compression test done on your engine. That is exactly what the overflow reservoir is for. When the engine is hot, excess coolant goes into the overflow tank, as the engine cools,it draws coolant back into the radiator.

2000 S10 makes gurgling noise from dash when first moving after being parked for a while?

I had this problem on my 1996 Blazer and thought that it was a clogged AC drain... it isn't. My mechanic told me that there is a leak in my coolant system and he put in some type of liquid leak stopper and told me to keep an eye on the coolant level both in the overflow container and in the rediator itself. It hasn't completely solved the problem, but it seems to have gotten better.

How do you know if your losing coolant?

you can smell it when you are in the car, or you can look under the car once its parked for awhile and you will see a stain on the ground.

How does the heater work on a 2008 Prius?

Works the same as most cars, using hot coolant. One advantage is in cold weather it warms up faster as it stores hot coolant in a insulated reservoir when parked.

Why does gas come out of a Harley 1999 883 sportster when parked from a small hose in the front?

That is the overflow tube. It means that the float level is too high, or there is crap in your float bowl.

Cause of coolant leak in 1970 440 roadrunner?

First, where is it leaking. If you smell coolant inside the car, the windows mist up with a "slimy" film, or the front carpet/floorboards are wet, you likely have a bad heater core-the "mini-radiator" under the dash that provides heat and defrost. Does the car leave green puddles where it is parked? It could be leaking from the radiator, hoses, or water pump-you have to look for green (or orange, depending on the type of coolant used) drops or dried residue-a healthy car should have none. If there are no drips or puddles, the car could be leaking coolant into the cylinders via a leaking head gasket. Usually this is accompanied by poor performance and white "puffing" from the tailpipe when the engine idles. Another common cause is a bad radiator cap, if the coolant bottle shows signs of cooland coming out of the overflow drain, a cap with a weak spring could be allowing coolant out of the engine when it shouldn''t. Finally, ensure the engine isn't overheating, as this can cause the overflow condition just mentioned.

What if coolant leaks when car is parked and radiator still has fluid where and why would it be leaking also what if you can smell it through the car while driving with out heat or AC on?

I would check the radiator coolant bottle for cracks and inspect any hoses to bottle.

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Why does your 2003 Dodge Stratus keep overheating while parked?

Check to see if your electric fan turns on. Else check coolant level and replace thermostat.

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Thick white smoke coming out of your exhaust?

White smoke usually means your burning engine coolant in the combustion chamber. The only way to burn coolant is if you have a cracked engine block, which is unlikely, you most likely have a blown out head gasket. one way to check is if your coolant is low, wet spot under the vehicle when parked, and if your oil is a milky color. Also with a blown head gasket oil can get into your coolant check to see if your coolant is a dark color other than the normal light green or light red if its a GM car.

What commonly makes a 2004 dodge durango overheat?

on any car it is usually the thermostat. or low coolant level. if level is check radiator cap it may be loose or defective. but if it is dripping coolant from under engine it is your water pump. check under your car after about 10 minutes or so after you have parked if their is coolant or if you smell coolant under the hood after you park it most likely a water pump. Do not try to drive while it is over heated it will cost you a lot of money in damage.

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