Why does the engine make a noise the transmission doesn't shift and temperature go up when accelerating?


Don't keep driving it like that you will damage your engine by going over the proper rpm. I know something that could cause that to happen you must check your transmission fluids, if that's fine check the oil pumps because that's what clutches your gears. This happened with my Dad's van. It wouldn't change gears so I checked those things. They were fine but there are sensors that connect to the transmission that were bad and I got a new one and replaced it. That ended up fixing the problem. That may solve your problem. ANSWER The transmission may need replacing. If you hear a loud whining noise when you suspect that the transmission should shift, the servos are probably going bad. You should definitely check your fluids. Make sure you have your oil changed every 3000 or so miles and have your transmission flushed every 30,000 miles. When you are doing your self diagnostic by checking your transmission fluid, it should be pink and translucent. If your transmission oil looks like motor oil it is long overdue for a flush. If your transmission is not shifting properly and your engine temperature is going up, it needs to be seen by a mechanic. You also shouldn't drive it, if the transmission is damaged driving it further will make it worse. An important caveat, if your transmission fluid looks white and frothy, almost like soap, then your cooling system is probably leaking into your transmission system. If that is the case then your transmission will almost definitely need a rebuild.