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If This Has Been Going On For Some Time ( You Could Have A Build Up Of Ear Wax ) Also You Can Have An Inner Ear Infection. Have This Checked & Get You Vitals ( temp, B/P )


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We have no way to calculate that, unless you also tell us either his mass, or else his weight on motionless ground, like when the scale is on the bathroom floor.

Because of something called inertia, and poor mechanics. Stuff that isn't moving likes to stay that way, and stuff that is moving likes to stay that way too. So when you force it to change, like when an elevator starts and stops, it's hard to make that completely smooth.

Because we're used to it. It's like if you're on a treadmill and you then step off the ground feels different.

the ground (the crust is the ground)

Because the trees are moving... no... I just felt like saying that...Because you are moving without walking and so objects around you feel like they are moving rather than you, its like a strange sensation...

if you feel something moving around in your stomach, you're most probably pregnant!

well it feel like a jelly ground but hard to it actually feels good!

Like a snake moving inside you...and then the bastards bite causing sharp pain.

We are moving at the same rotation speed of the Earth.

My dad is moving away too, i feel like i am dieng. SUPPORT !!

Because relative to us, the Earth isn't moving. We move along with it, and we have an atmosphere that does as well. It's like being in a moving car. You know that you're moving because it's a car, but (assuming you're on a relatively smooth road in a decent car), you don't feel like you and the car are moving unless you put your head out the window (and feel the wind resistance) or try to step out onto the ground. With nothing but passing objects outside to compare our movement to, it can be difficult to know whether we are moving, or they are.

Argon is a Gas like air, probably wouldnt feel it unless it was moving & that would be pressure and friction.

If the car is moving fast then it can make you feel sick like a boat

Yes, exactly. A useful way to think of an object in orbit is that it is falling towards Earth much like anything else but, because of its velocity and distance from earth, it keeps missing the ground. This seems slightly contradictory -- a weightless object under the pull of gravity -- but it isn't, really. Suppose you're in an elevator that's had its cables cut. (Heaven, forefend!). Gravity accelerates you and the elevator Earthward at exactly the same rate, so you feel like you're floating relative to the elevator, but you and the elevator are just falling at the same rate.

What earthquakes feel like will depend on how large the earthquake is. Small earthquakes might just feel like a large vehicle is driving by. Bigger earthquakes feel like floor or ground you are standing on is trembling and shaking.

brunnett beauty: What is ground movement? I believe ground movement is the plates moving in the earth just like how earthquakes form by plates in the ground colide to make movement in the earth.

no, the only thing is they itch :D

You don't feel the Earth move because you're moving along with it, just like on a smooth level road you don't feel the car moving even though you can look out the window and see that it is.

so first look at a picture of an elevator alot for like three days.then go and stand by an elevator everyday for like an hour for a week then get one of those really big boxes and make the inside look like an elevator and stand in it everyday for a couple of minutes for two weeks then go and get in an elevator and pretend its your box. :)

At around 16weeks -first pregnancy - i got the feeling i could feel a heartbeat in my stomach, this is more likely to have been baby moving then there heartbeat. Now at 20weeks im getting stronger prods which feel like in going down a dip when driving or in a elevator. It sometimes feels like hes boxing my organs, but lightly still. I cant see from the outside yet i have only gained 7lbs so far and was a slim build before.

its when you are afraid of small spaces and cant breath in that space. Or The fear of being in an enclosed space. Like an elevator or a closet. You might feel like you will die or like you can't breathe when in a small space.

It has a grainy texture. Like all root based plants. It is smooth when peeled. It is also a hard spice unless it is cooked.

they don't if they re in the water then they would like a stepping stone but on the ground its kind of have to be dumb to sit on it

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