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I had this condition on my 1998 Grand Cherokee. I discovered that it was worn contacts on the headlamp / interior light dimmer assembly. I cleaned the contacts and it worked for awhile then the problem came back. I replaced the assembly for about $100 and the problem went away.

Answermy 97 limited did the same thing, as well as the headlights momentarily turning off (while driving) with the headlight switch switched to the "auto" mode -- bad contacts in the rotary knob and panel dimmer; ended up replacing the headlight switch

I just had my 96 switch out took it apart found the soilder joints loose on the circuit board added a little soilder all better know. Had nothing to loose it was either do this or spend 100 bucks .

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Q: Why does the instrument panel lights flicker when any of the knobs are touched on your 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
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