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It may have a bad temperature sensor.

My 01 Escape radiator light comes on intermittently and I can't nail down the precise conditions. 3 different Ford garages have told me the sensor in the coolant reservoir is bad. Bad news is that to replace the sensor you have to replace the whole reservoir; good news is that it only costs ~$75 at Autozone. Since I know that this is the problem I just keep an eye on the fluid level until I get a chance to replace it.

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Q: Why does the radiator light always come on in a 2001 Ford Escape if the car is not running hot and the fluids are at level?
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Would lack of coolant or antifreeze make a car rumble?

It could if you are running it in very cold or very hot weather. In the winter, the engine has to warm the fluids and since the fluids are cold and thick, it takes more engine force to move them. In the summer, they are too thin so the engine isn't fighting the viscosity of the fluids. It's always best to make sure antifreeze/coolant is full. Always check them when the engine is hot. NEVER check Radiator HOT!

Where is radiator drain plug for 2004 Chevy Colorado?

There isn't a radiator drain plug. Instead, you have to loosen the lower radiator hose and drain the fluids. Be careful and don't do it after running the motor. Do it when the fluid is cold/cool. Also, wear eye protection, as the fluid tends to go everywhere!!

How can you tell if a radiator is defective?

A radiator is defective if fluids are leaking out of the radiator or there is a leak of steam. Or, if thecore is blocked, the radiator will remain cold or just slightly warm in places.

Does transmission fluids leak due to over heating radiator?


Where is the oil dipstick on ford 2001 escape?

The dipstick is located in the front of the engine block. It is important that you always keep your fluids checked to keep your vehicle working properly.

Why does a car need a overflow jug for the radiator?

In a radiator, the fluids get really hot, when things get hot they expand and then they have to go somewhere, the fluid goes into an overflow.

How much will it cost to replace a radiator in a 1996 Cadillac?

the shop said it would cost around 400.00,labor about 2 hours and fluids and radiator

After having a 2004 impalas radiator flushed can you put regular antifreeze in it?

always use manufacture specified fluids for your vehicle, it will say in the owners manual and in the engine compartment somewhere close to the overflow resivoir

Why is my Sunfire running hot?

There are many reasons as to why a Sunfire may be running hot. Most likely the car is running low on coolant, or other fluids.

Why is '73 Chevy transmission fluid leaking into radiator?

The transmission oil cooler inside the radiator is no good and allowing the fluids to mix. Not a good situation, don't drive it until it is fixed.

What does White fluids in radiator means on a 1999 Dodge Durango?

Maybe a blown head gasket. fix it quickly.

Where is the computer located on a 88 Chevy Astro van?

in the oil pan you have drain radiator and tranny fluids first

Where is radiator drain on 2004 gmc savanna?

On a 2001 GMC Savana 5.7 V8. There is no drain plug. You actually have to remove the big hose that joins the engine to the radiator. This will drain out all the fluids.

What is the proper way to change a radiator that has a transmission cooler?

If you can unbolt the cooler then unbolt it whatever way is easiest. Then remove the radiator. If it is part of the radiator itself then drain the radiator first completely and then disconnect the tranny lines and try to plug them if possible or put then draining into a container. Dont want to mix the fluids. Then remove the radiator. That should be it. That is way that I have done it before.

How long to change out the radiator on a 2005 town and country mini van?

I had mine changed out in an hour, that includes draining the fluids.

Does transmission fluid travel through radiator system fluid?

No, but some autos use the radiator to cool transmission fluid. It circulates within its own plumbing, and the fluids never commingle.

How do you change the radiator on a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

Unbolt and remove the top cover, or metal shroud. This will give you access to the radiator. Remove the rad. hoses and trans. lines. Unplug and/or remove the two fans ( I left them on the radiator when I removed the radiator) then unbolt the radiator and lift out of the car. It will be somewhat heavy if you do not have the fluids drained from it. I assume you need to get the tanks repaired due to leaking.

Why a car radiator must be flushed?

"Flushing" a radiator is recommended when the coolant has passed its recommended service life or has been mixed with other fluids. Most manufacturers have outlined in the owners manual when it should done as maintenance.

When dealing with body fluids such as blood always assume a person is?


How do you start a Nissan 300zx after running it out of fluids?

Well, if it doesn't start after replacing the fluids, recheck the fluid levels again because they may have dropped as the systems absorbed the fluids. If it still doesn't start, part it out and buy a new car.

How often do you put antifreeze in radiator?

If its low.. you should check it every two weeks when u go over the other fluids ....

Replace the Coolant Fluids?

form_title=Replace the Coolant Fluids form_header=The fluids in the cooling system need to be replaced regularly. When was the last time you go your coolant flushed?=_ If the thermostat needs to be replaced, would you like me to install a new one?= () Yes () No Have you noticed any leaks in your radiator?= () Yes () No

How much is it to fix your car overheating what are the possible problems and how much would it be to fix the possible problems?

cost i can not tell you, but this I could be 1 of 4 things...(or all of them) # radiator fluid is low or not there at all # lack of water for the radiator # your radiator has a leak and you are losing fluids # you may need a new thermostat

Where is the radiator cap located on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

I believe there isn't one, just the surge tank cap. All the fluids are added from there.

Losing antifreeze in engine?

Got a leak somewhere alos check that your radiator cap rubber/seal is not worn out, fluids can be lost from their too.