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Q: Why does your 1988 Accord auto tranny rev itself up when in park or neutral only Revs itself up between 1.5 - 2.3 on odometer but not all the time?
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What can be done to fix the odometer in a 1994 Honda Accord?

TAke it to a speedo shop as something is wrong in the speedo itself.

Why would the odometer on a 1994 Honda Accord fail intermittently and how do you fix it?

If the odometer also quits, the problem is probably the speed sensor or wiring to it. If the odometer keeps turning when the spedo quits, it is in the spedo itself and needs to go to the speedo shop.

How do you find the odometer cable coming through the firewall and connecting to the meter itself in the dash of a 1996 Honda Accord EX?

There isn't a "cable" like there used to be. The speedometer/odometer is controlled by an eletroic speed sensor. A wiring harness plugs into the back of the dash module containing the speedo.

Why does my odometer not work but my speed odometer and tach does on a 1992 Honda accord lx?

It depends on whether or not the car has a digital readout. If it has a digital display, chances are it would be a wiring problem, somewhere right behind the odometer. If it has an analog display, since the spedometer still works, chances are the odometer itself (the display) has gone bad--like a little gear in there or something. This is one of the simplest odometer problems to fix; just replace the display piece. If the spedometer wasn't working it would be a whole different story--probably a faulty cable.

How do you repair a nonworking odometer 1995 Thunderbird?

There is a tiny gear in the odometer itself which is plastic and only lasts about ten years or less.

Where is the fuse for the odometer in a 2002 Pontiac Montana?

If the speedo works and not the odometer, take it to the speedo shop as something is wrong in the speedo itself. You can't stop the odometer without stopping the speedo.

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What should you do if your 1999 Honda crv odometer is stuck?

The odometer located in the dash display is a sealed unit (to prevent mileage tampering) and can only be replaced - not repaired. ALSO: Are you sure it is stuck? Perhaps the cable leading to the odometer has broken or come detached from the transmission housing or from where it screws into the back of the odometer itself.

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How do you reset odometer message on a 2004 freestar?

You know that button that toggles between the odometer and trip meter (black button poking though the plastic window covering the gauges)? Press that button and hold it. When the low tire light blinks three times let go. It should have then reset itself.

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How do you change fuel filter on 04 accord?

You don't have a fuel filter on a 2004 Honda accord ,its in the fuel tank itself and not a separate fuel filter,

How do you replace the odometer light bulb on a 2000 Honda accord?

Buy a bulb from the Honda dealer or auto parts store (so you get the right one). You will need to remove the instrument cluster trim panel, and then remove the instrument cluster itself. Change out the bulb. Detailed instructions can be found at Alldata and on the internet.

Where is the starter solenoid located on a 1995 Honda accord dx?

On top of the starter itself

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What are some things to check regarding speedometer odometer malfunctioning in a 1994 Accord LX Speed stuck mostly around 20odom inoperative when speed doesn't work.Vss changed.?

I had the exact same problem with my 1995 accord. It would work sometimes for me but would hang up at 20mph. I had to replace the speedometer itself. However, keep your old one because when you get a new speedometer it will have 0 miles on it. I purchased mine off of the web for about $130.00. It was fixed after that.

Does the ECU need to be reset on a 1998 Honda Accord when the battery is changed?

No, it will take care of itself.

What causes the Odometer to stop working but the speedometer to continue working on a 1992 Crown Victoria LX 4.6L and what actions can be taken to repair this problem?

There are two possible actions: 1) Replace the speedometer head assembly, because that is where your problem is. 2) Ignore the broken odometer and forget about it. The speedometer and odometer are one assembly. The same input that drives the speedo also drives the odometer, so you have a problem in the head itself.

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Where is the odometer located in the computer on a Chevy Trailblazer?

Just bought a 2006 and there is knob sticking out of the display at the top right that you push in and it changes the display from the odometer to the trip meter. The information is apparently stored in the PCM and however their is a memory in the instrument cluster itself.

Where is the transmission filter on a 1999 Honda Accord?

The transmission filter on a 1999 Honda Accord can be located under the car's hood. More specifically, it is within the transmission itself and is very difficult to replace.

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