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Mine had similar problems at about 50000 miles. There could be many things, but mine was a bearing in the drive system between the engine and transmission. The first step is to determine where the whining is coming from. You can use a stethescope to help with that. If it's from the left side in the housing behind the engine, then maybe you have the same bearing problem. It could also be the power steearing pump, check there too.

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Q: Why does your 2000 Grand Prix make a whining sound after driving it for 20 or so minutes?
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What may be causing the whining noise on my 2005 Dodge Caravan and it doesn't appear to be steering related?

The fuel pump on my 2005 Grand Caravan SXT made a whining sound on long trips in hot weather. I had it replaced and haven't heard it since.

Why does your 2001 mustang make a whining sound when driving and changing gear sort of like when the power steering fluid is low but it's not?

Transmission is low of lube.

What would cause a whining sound when you press in your clutch?

A worn out clutch release bearing would cause a whining sound when you put your foot on the clutch.

Why would a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee make a loud whining noise when accelerating and decelerating Speedo does not work also speedo bearings?

The loud whining sound could be wheel bearings going out. However, it is also possible that the speedometer bearings or cable are defective.

Why is 1999 Chrysler cirrus whining while driving?

For me it was the idler pully. A pretty cheap part. $15 I think. And only an hour or so to change. The problem was the bearing in it was shot. It would make a whining sound that got louder/higher pitch as the engine revved higher.

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Why do you hear a high pitched whining noise while driving new VW Jetta?

High pitch sound could be your superchager. Turbo's shoot out a spit of air sound. Maybe your jetta is supercharged stock. Espically if its a tiptronic transmission.

2001 Pontiac Grand AM making loud humming or whining sound from front - sounds like it could be tires or rotors but I just put on new rotors and new tires and it still makes sound though?

sounds loke the wheel bearings are going out

What causes a grinding sound when turning and a whining sound when accelerating?

possibly your wheel bearing is on its way out

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What is the whining sound when you start your 2002 cavalier?

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What could cause a humming or whining sound from a 2001 Altima engine after cranking continuing when driving it is louder when accelerating and decelerating also very noticeable when turning corners?

Check the power steering pump for the cause of the noise. I sounds like the pump is causing the whining and is either low on fluid or possibly going bad.

How do i fix a whining sound coming from the front end of the engine at idle?

A whining sound coming from the front of the engine would make me think one of the bearings is wearing out in the belt assembly. This is something you should fix promptly.

Why does your car make a whining sound when you turn?

something may be rusty

What would cause a high-pitched whining sound changing to a grating sound in Saab 9.3 highway driving lasting 1 minute without power steering failure or car over-heating then completely resolving?

Pebble caught between rotor and disc pad?

Is it still safe to drive your car if your left driver side wheel makes a loud whining sound when driving forward?

Sure, it's safe to drive it to the closest tire repair shop that doesn't require you to get on the highway.

Have a whining noise near belts was making a knocking sound before and had pulley's adjusted whining noise stops when you turn and hold steering wheel what could this be?

Whining noise near belts had pulleys adjusted any idea what is causing this

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Would a bad power steering pimp cause a whining sound?

yes it will.

What causes the whining sound in car speakers when you turn on your wipers?

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What could cause the transmission on a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan to make a shuddering sound while the engine is idling but it stops when accelerating?

This vehicle is notorious for a "whining" noise. The slower you drive, the louder it is. At first I thought our power-steering pump was going, or the transmission was whining. Two mechanics told me it's normal. Just a quirk with Dodge/Chrysler products. I had that whining noise and it was the alternator making the noise through the radio. even when the radio is off. Just a thought.

Why does my 2002 C240 makes a whining sound when I first start driving and I can't figure out if it is the steering or the transmission making the noise but it stops after a few minutes?

Often what you're describing can be caused by the alternator. After you start the engine, the alternator is working hard to recharge the battery for the NEXT startup. There can also be other causes of noises such as you describe, so don't think that's the only possibility.

Why does my car sound like it's whining when i accelerate?

The reason your car is whining is because your car is low on tramission fluid. but i have checked my transmission fluid..? do i need to flush it out and get new transmission fluid?

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Why is your car making a loud whining sound when you accellerate?

You may have a power steering problem.