Mitsubishi 3000 GT

Why does your 95 3000 gt die when it starts up but when you give it gas it stays running after a few seconds?


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Remove and clean your IAC (Inlet Aior Control) valve. Don't let them con you into buying a new one. It's installed with two bolts and is attached to your throttle body (should have a brown pkug going to it) and is located under the air inlet hose to throttle body. If you need pictures email me on, I think you can google the IAC for 300GTs or go to and look up their tech support. Your IAC is sticking and needs to be throughly cleaned with electrical contact cleaner. Cl;ean the holes in the throttle body while you're there, you'll be surprised. Should take no more then 30 minutes (with a cold engine - otherweise you'll burn your hands).