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Run ScanDisk first. If you have disk errors, Defrag will not run. If ScanDisk will not run, install Norton System Works. Run Norton WinDoc, let it repair any Windows errors. Next, run Norton's Disk Doctor (Norton's version of ScanDisk). Once all that runs, reboot your system, run Windows ScanDisk and then Defrag. Always reboot after you run your maintenance programs. Also, make sure you dump your cache (Temporary internet, Temp, Recent, History & Cookies) before starting your maintenance programs. I struggled with that problem for a long time. I found out that the defragmenter that comes with Windows 98 is not worth the disk space it takes up. However, with Windows ME, the problems had been fixed. So, the best solution I found is to replace the 98 defrag with the ME defrag. This article explains how to do it: It works and you'll be amazed at the difference.

2005-08-21 13:36:55
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What command is used to defragment your c drive in windows disk defragmenter and displays analysis and fragmentaion reports?

For a complete defrag and a graphic user interface, you will have to consider commercial defrag options (free programs do have a GUI but features are no better than the built in defrag). Get something that can truly run in the automatic mode and defrag intelligently without manual inputs.

How do you defrag with Windows xp?

Start-All programs-accesories-Systerm tools-defrag

Whats the best order to clean up windows?

For Windows 95, 98 and ME Disk Cleanup, Scandisk Defrag _________________________ For Windows 2000 / XP Disk Cleanup, Defrag, chkdsk/r

How do you defrag?

It depends on the version of windows you have installed on your computer. You will find the defrag options in the control panel. You simply follow the wizard and it will take you through it.

Can you defrag your hard drives while still using your PC?

With Windows XP if any programs (even those running in the background) or the screensaver interrupts the defrag, it will restart/hang. In Vista, the defrag is designed to defrag at a certain schedule in low priorty in the background. In order to defrag and use the PC at the same time you need to use an automatic defragmenter like Diskeeper which runs in the background in invisitasking mode and defrags silently without conflicting with other programs.

Which tool can help you automate various support operations on windows 98?


When does Windows Vista automatically defrag a drive?

every wensday at 1:00 am

Does a defrag program create copies of data?

Usually not, The best Defrag program to use is the one the came Pre Installed in windows its located under Start, All Programs, Accessories, Tools - Or System Tools Defrag. What defrag does is put similar files together in order kinda like how a library puts books on a shelf, That way they can find them easier defrag is virtually the same.

When do you run disk defragmenter?

Disk defrag must be run regularly (or set to auto defrag) to keep the hard drive free of fragmentation and maintain the performance of the computer at a high level. Fragmentation of files (occurs 'naturally' when you write or modify a file on the hard drive). Windows comes with a built-in defragmenter, but it's not very good IMO: it's very slow, doesn't defrag all files (especially important system files), doesn't defrag properly when disk space is low, and is not flexible. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its good to be proactive when it comes to defrag because once the fragmentation levels become high or if your free space drops below 15%, it be comes very difficult to defrag with the native disk dferagmenter. It also takes a very long time to complete the defrag.

How long does it take to defrag a hard drive?

It depends on two things. How big your drive is, and how fragmented it is. So any where from a few minutes to, I've experienced, over and hour. Also defrag is faster with a program like Diskeeper which can be set to defrag automatically as compared to the slow Windows program.

What do you do if the message 'windows 98 has detected drive c does not contain a valid fat or fat 32 partition' appears after performing defrag?

You will need to do a clean 1k then defrag Fdisk then format

How long does it take to defrag a computer?

How fast a defrag is will depend on factors like Free space Level of fragmentation Program used The Windows defragmenter needs atleast 15% free space to do a defrag, however third party defrag programs like Diskeeper do the job efficiently even with as less as 5% free space. Higher the fragmentation, more the time.Generally the more often you defrag it should hardly take a few minutes each time. The Windows defragger is considered slower than dedicated third party defragmenters which also have the option of being installed in automatic mode.

How can you defragment a disk?

Go to the disk->right click->properties->extra->defrag --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are defragmenting with the Windows tool, you will also have to ensure that there is atleast 15% free space to defrag and ideally no other programs running should interrupt the task. The built in defragger also does not defrag system files. If you want, you can check out trial versions of comemrcial defrag programs that overcome all these limitations.

How do you get rid of the fragmented files that stay after you run disk defrag?

A defrag program sometimes skips the files that contain like 2-4 fragments so it won't need to make space for that file because it's to large. Some programs have the option to defrag to defrag every file without skipping one.

How do you defrag a computer?

For Windows XP, 1. Start 2. All programs 3. Accessories 4. System tools 5. Disk Defragmenter while you are there right-click disk defragmenter and go down to where it says "pin to start menu" and click that. This will add it to your start menu so the next time you want to defrag just click start and defrag will be in that list. Sandy Defrag is pretty much the same in all versions of Windows. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Its also good practice to run a diskcleanup and chkdsk before the defrag and ensure you have 15% free space and ideally turn off other programs while the defrag is taking place to avoid hanging midway. Or simply install an efficient automatic defragger in real time mode and forget about defrag.

Is disk keeper lite a virus in disguise?

Hardly! The Defrag tool in Windows is a scaled-down version of Diskkeeper.

How do you defrag a hard drive?

In Windows, go to Computer or My Computer and right-click on the drive that you wish to defrag. On the context menu, select Properties. Then tab over to Tools and select defragment. If you run into trouble, then scan the drive for errors. That is found in the same place where you load Defrag. If you still have trouble, then scan and defragment in Safe Mode. Or you can install a program such as Defraggler from Piriform and use it to defrag the hard drive.

How to defrag System Reserved?

You don't need to defrag the system reserve but if you want to anyway there is a program called auslogis disk defrag that lets you defrag system reserve

Disc defrag won't finish on windows xp?

The very best way to run defrag is to startup your PC in Safe Mode and then run the defrag. Safe Mode is available by rebooting your PC and start tapping your F8 key (I tap it about once a second) until a menu comes up asking how you want to startup. Select the Safe Mode option and enter. ... if you're in the normal mode close all applications that are running then defrag but still the best way is "to run defrag is to startup your PC in Safe Mode..."

Is there a way to find out what the unmovable files consist of when you defrag Windows?

Typically they are files which Windows is currently using. If they were to be moved during a defrag sequence, the system could crash. As if Windows doesn't crash enough on its own, right? There's no big mystery about the unmoveable files, they simply cannot be moved "while" windows is running. Some specific files that cannot be moved may include the Swap file also known as the "page file" or Virtual memory in older windows version.

What command to defrag the drive from a command prompt window?


What command is used to defrag the drive from a command prompt window?

depends on the OS, but for most it is : defrag <DRIVE> example: defrag c:

Diskdefragmenter doesn't Cdrive in windows 98se?

It it will not run at all, Insert your Win98 CD, and go to a DOS prompt. Run c:\windows\system32\sfc.exe to verify your system files. SFC is "system file checker". If defrag stop and restarts, reboot and hit F8 to enter safe mode. Run defrag from safe mode.

Why will the defrag in your Windows 7 not start?

There could be any number of reasons. There could be a problem with your defrag program. There might be a problem with another program that is keeping defrag from working correctly. The Disk Defragmenter Program Service may not be be running. Try using a free download of either Iobit, Advanced System Care, or Smart Defrag2 from to keep your PC running smoothly.

Do you have to be on the Internet to defrag?

You don't have to be on the Internet to defrag. You need to download and install a disk defragmenter and defrag your drives or partitions; the defrag process has no connection with the Internet, it's an action that optimized your hard drive, the way data is stored.