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Why does your OS Windows 98SE get stuck at 2 on defrag and stay there without completing the defrag and how can you get it to complete the defrag?

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August 21, 2005 1:36PM

Run ScanDisk first. If you have disk errors, Defrag will not run. If ScanDisk will not run, install Norton System Works. Run Norton WinDoc, let it repair any Windows errors. Next, run Norton's Disk Doctor (Norton's version of ScanDisk). Once all that runs, reboot your system, run Windows ScanDisk and then Defrag. Always reboot after you run your maintenance programs. Also, make sure you dump your cache (Temporary Internet, Temp, Recent, History & Cookies) before starting your maintenance programs. I struggled with that problem for a long time. I found out that the defragmenter that comes with Windows 98 is not worth the disk space it takes up. However, with Windows ME, the problems had been fixed. So, the best solution I found is to replace the 98 defrag with the ME defrag. This article explains how to do it: It works and you'll be amazed at the difference.