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Not all young women like to parade around in their swim suits and she may be shy. Also she may just enjoy being alone and feels free swimming and diving and refuses to do this with other people around for fear they may think she is showing off. yes

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Who loves Taya Smith?

Mitch Allen really loves her! She is in his opinion smart, funny, an amazingly good friend, and is BEUTIFUL.

Are shitzu dogs good with kids?

yes I don't have one but my friend loves them.

What if you love a guy and he loves you but your best friend hates you everytime you go out with him should you dump him or should you tell you friend if she care to let you be?

You shouldn't dump him. Your friend isn't being a very good friend. If you love him and he loves you then that's what's important. Your friend should respect that.

Are Remington wand curling irons good?

yes my friend has one and absolutely LOVES it

He is not my good friend but he is asking me for a film what should i do?

you can refuse if you don't want to ! But if you don't have things to do, it's okay if you go for a movie with him, who knows you can make a good friend after all. Good luck with the movie !! N enjoy the film ...:)

If man said ilove you to you what does it mean?

If a guy tells you that he loves you it can mean he loves you as a really good friend and wants to get to know you more, or it can mean he really loves you and wants you to be with him Hope this helped :)

How do you get on Prank stars?

my best friend loves teddy from good luck charlie and i want her to get on the show

Does madhuri love sharukh Khan?

Yes madhuri dixit loves shahrukh khan. They both are very good friends. Madhuri loves shahrukh as a friend.

Does Harry Potter love Luna Lovegood?

No, he loves Ginny. He thinks of Luna as just a good friend.

Is brookwood school a good school?

YES it's amazing my friend goes there and she loves it thank you brookwood

What is a good girlfriend?

A good girl friend is a girl who loves you and herself for being who you are. Not for pretending to be something you or her aren't. Kitty 7721221 i hope I helped

If naruto loves sasuke then how is he not gay?

You can love someone as a friend, a brother, a father, or a life mate. Love is not the same as sexual orientation. Naruto loves Sasuke as a good friend, even like a brother. However, he is not attracted to him. He is attracted to Sakura.

What does the name lilli mean?

mental, crazy, a good friend, loves vampires and slightly over the top!angry

Do cuckolding men really love their wives?

Good friend, only a man who truly loves his wife can cuckold

What are internal traits?

It means what the character is inside like eg: katlyn loves soccer inside and is a good friend

Good friend calls me nice lovely and sweet on msn She also says aww mr you are crazy and i loves ya for it Am i just in the friend category or more from all that?

Friend catagory.. sorry

Can you refuse a divorce as you are Catholic?

You can refuse a divorce no matter what as long as you have a good lawyer and a good reason.

What is Ryan Seacrest good at?

He is a very good public speaker. He is great at hosting. He's cute! And he loves American Idol!!! Just like me! :D

Does it mean he loves you if he kinda jokes that he hates you and his friend says he loves you?

Well... if his friend is really close to him then he really loves you, but if he is not, based to personal experience if he jokes around about hating you then he just loves you and wants to kiss you so try out the advise and tell me. Hi thanks for the help you were right he asked me out the other day but i said no cos i already have a boyfriend. And now me and him are just good friends but i think he still loves me.

Your best friend hates your boyfriend what should you do?

get over it because she is still ur best friend and he is still ur boyfriend and he loves u but if she trys to break u up then she isn't a good friend

When a guy you break up with asks to be good friends but tells your friend he loves you what does he mean?

I'm guessing he wants you back.

What does it mean when a girl says she loves you?

It could mean she's in love with you or that you hold a very special place in her heart as a good friend.

What is a good acrostic poem for the word friend in tagalog?

friend F-friends forever R-relatively good I-incredible loves. E-encourage dreams N-no one will lie D-doo and discuss ever make..

If a guy trust you does that means he loves you?

not really cuz it could mean he considers you a close friend therefor he trusts u...but it doesn't necessarly mean he loves you NO. Trust is a good thing to have. Love for guys is a different world.

When was Everybody Loves a Good Drought created?

Everybody Loves a Good Drought was created in 1996.