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Fuel pump relay is stuck. Replace it.

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2012-02-03 16:59:58
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Q: Why does your fuel pump stay on the whole time your key is on and fill motor with gas on 2000 f150?
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Where is PCV valve on 2000 F150 5.4l?

About 4 inches directly behind the oil fill cap. Pulls right out with ease usually. shaped like an "L" after you pull it out.

How much does it cost to fill the gas tank of a F150?

depends on the year

Where do you put freon in a 2000 F-150?

To put freon in a 2000 F150 car, attach the A/C gauge set to the service ports. Add additional cans of refrigerant, as needed, to fill the system until the pressures are between 40 and 350 PSI.

How much oil does it take to fill a 1988 Ford F150 302 engine?

6 qrts

What is the brake fluid capacity for a 1989 Ford F150?

Fill reservoir 1/2 pint?

Where do you fill the coolant bottle to the full cool or the full hot mark on a 2001 Ford Mustang no manual?

If the motor is cold fill to the full cool mark if the motor is hot fill to the hot mark!

How do you fill with fluid mercury trim motor?

To fill your Mercury Outboard Trim boat motor, lower your engine to a 45 degree angle, Make sure your boat is level. Remove fill screw, and add the amount of fluid required to fill.

Where do you fill the automatic transmission of a 1995 F150?

You fill it from the same tube where the dip stick is for the A/Trans, which is on the left side (passenger side) down almost hidden from view.

What is the transmission oil capacity of a 2000 CR250?

Your bike is to take 850 cc's and 1 quart is 946 cc's. The oil capacity is stamped on the motor by the fill plug in cc's.

Where is the fill hole located on the 1995 lebaron convertible hydraulic motor?

there is a rubber plug on the top portion of the motor .remove the plug,fill and put plug back on

What happens to a car if you do not fill it with motor oil?

I guarentee you will be replacing your motor if you try this one i did this on accident and i am currently looking for a motor for my truck

Where do you add transmission fluid on a 2002 Ford F150 with a manual transmission?

Should be a plug on the side of transmission - fill to this level

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