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I think it has something to do with circulation. Heart rate is related to metabolic rate. Metabolism slows as you get older. as stated above heart rate is related to metabolic rate, you also have less muscle mass as you age and cellular respiration slows down meaning you cells need less O2 and create less CO2 meaning you don't need as much circulation

Answer2: I read several pieces of information about this since last year at age 60 doctors were very concerned about my very low heart rate facing surgery. Doctors say usually a low heart rate is called an athletic heart due to exercise. In my case after wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours, they say it is what is, just a low heart rate. But this can also be caused by a thyroid condition that I developed since the thyroid controls metabolism and metabolic processes. Also, aging causes changes in blood vessels, as you get older your heart cannot beat as fast during physical activity the same as in your youth. Scientist still don't know all the ins and outs of why. Unfortunately the heart loses elasticity as you age resulting in weaker contractions and expansions. But there is good news, I read an article that says some things you can do to compensate for the slower heart rate is exercise, especially aerobic exercise, it makes the heart stronger and faster. Good health to you!

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Q: Why does your heartbeat decrease when you get older?
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