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It can depend on the age difference. If you are closer to the same age perhaps you should be looking inward at yourself and ask yourself just how independent you are and do you look towards your husband for answers to every problem you have. Are you independent enough to have other interests of your own (going out with girlfriends, sports, etc.) Can you make decisions or do you expect him to make them? It sounds like you act like a daughter looking at him for answers and decisions so you're treated this way. If what I have said doesn't fit your profile then start communicating and sit down and ask your husband why he treats you like this. Let him know (nicely) that you don't care for this and would like to make some of your own decisions and do a little more on your own steam.


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Hopefully you had sex with your husband on, or about the time that you conceived. Tell your husband the happy news that he is about to be a father. He will raise the child as his own. And for goodness sake be more careful next time.

She said that their relationship was more like a friendship rather than a husband and wife marital commitment. She also said that things were unhealthy and that was the best decision in favor of her son Max.

The biological father is the legal father. The husband is not the father unless he decides he wants to claim that title and wants to raise this child. Slim to none on that one. More likely you are going to be a single parent, so go after the bio dad for child support. He owes his child that.

No. The biological father can give up his rights and if your husband then want to be more than a step parent, who have no rights to the child, can adopt your child. Or not, that is your choice as the parent.

You clear things before committing the biggest thing in your life...MARRIAGE! Ask her if she's ready or if she really needs a father....


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no because if you had a baby with another man your ex husband does not pay you with more child support because that is not his child

Yeah, but more as a servant/moneymaker rather then a buddy.

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no because now that the father is more in the child's life they are playing both parts and can now listen and here this child out.. and be more like friends then that prideful daddy figure no because now that the father is more in the child's life they are playing both parts and can now listen and here this child out.. and be more like friends then that prideful daddy figure

No Islam does not allow a wife to have more than 1 husband. But if her husband dies or her husband gives divorce, she can marry with another muslim.

Both could be correct, in the appropriate context, but 'like mind' is more common. 'My father wanted us to move house, and I was of a like mind.' 'On the question of moving house, my father and I were of like mind.' 'On the question of moving house, my father and I were of like minds.'

It sounds to me like you are in a very bad position, because not only are you about to have a baby you cannot afford, but you have been cheating on your husband, so you are alone regarding this problem. Here is what I suggest you do- Tell your husband. If he loves you, he will understand and maybe you can work through this problem together. Give your child up for adoption. If you cannot afford to give this child a healthy, happy lifestyle, the more humane thing to do would be to give it up to a family that will love and treasure this child. Legal note: You are married. Under the law, your husband is assumed to be the father, regardless of whether he really is or not. Unless DNA or blood test proves otherwise, he will be considered the father.

It's difficult to tell but it's definitely an opinion rather than a statement.

I think he was more like his father Asoka because he lived in peace (literally, because he did not take the crown or do anything except live in peace) and that is what his father Asoka implied by becoming Buddhist.

Dogs usually think the husband is the alpha, (leader) but that dose not mean they like him better. Whoever walks, pets, and loves the dog more will be his favorite. Or he might like yo?

Your actual father (biological father or husband of your mother at the time of your birth) does not need to adopt you; you are already his child. What is usually more relevant is "how does your step-father adopt you" or "how does your dad get exclusive custody of you." The answers to these questions differ greatly from state to state and country to country.

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