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Why does your tire wobble?

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If you mean it's running "untrue" at low speed, it's either a bent rim or a "slipped belt", meaning that the internal structure of the tire has a problem.

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Why does your front tire wobble and makes noise when you hit a bump?

axle damage causes wobble

What is wobble?

Wobble is an unsteady movement from side to side. The cause of a wobble on a car could mean it needs a front end alignment or even a bad tire.

Why does your car wobble at slow 20km hr speed?

Check for either a bent wheel or a faulty tire. Low speed "wobble" is an indication that the bond between the tire and the belt inside the tire may have failed. Have it checked by a reputable and qualified tire or alignment shop.

Why does your front passenger tire wobble after 20mph?

Worn tire? Tire and/or wheel out of balance? Bad wheel bearing? Bent axle?

Why do front tires wobble?

You have a damaged tire. Try rotating the front tires with the rear tires to see if the wobble switches to the back.

Can a drive train cause a wobble?

I would say the drve train would cause a vibration. A wobble could be from a bad tire, unbalanced tire, bent rim, bad tie rod joint.

Why does your right front tire wobble from 45-60 mph?

The tire needs to be balanced or the shock is dead.

What causes wobbly tires?

I dont think a tire will wobble unless the entire wheel wobbles.... Problems with the undercarraige could cause this. Also if a tire has uneven treadwear from a poor alignment, it could wobble. A missing balance weight, or improperly balanced tire could cause wobble. Emergency braking could leave a flat spot in the tire. Check all four tires for treadwear patterns, to see if the tire is balding in one section faster than others. Ideally it will bald from the center outwards evenly as the tire ages. If the tires look even, then most likely a problem with the undercarraige is causing the wheel to wobble (broken, worn or missing component). A tire could have internal belt damage from hitting a deep pot hole hard and cause it to wobble after.

What would cause the rear tire of a 1990 jeep wrangler to wobble?

A tire wobbles when the nuts have not been tightened sufficiently.

What causes the front wheel of your car to wobble?

The front wheels of a car can wobble because the car's suspension is not in proper alignment. The wheels may also wobble if the rim is bent or if the tire is improperly installed

Will drive train cause wobble?

could be a tire out of balance or vehicle out of alignment

What causes a low speed wobble on a Honda motorcycle has a new tire that has been balanced?

There can be several reasons for a tire wobble on a motorcycle. Here are a few things to check. Check the tire's inflation. An under-inflated tire can cause a wobble. Even if the tire is new, tubeles tires may leak especially if there is some fault with the rim. Or there may be a small puncture. Since the wheel has just been balanced, this is hardly a cause but what if it was balanced wrong? However, wrong balance would mostly cause a vibration at higher speeds. If the tire is a rear tire, then it could be misaligned, that is to say, wrongly placed so that it is skewed. This can cause tire wobble. Damaged or warped rim or break rotor can also cause a wobble. The part of the tire that is closest to the damaged part will have a tendency to jump when it hits the road. As can be seen from this, a front and a rear wheel can have similar problems which cause a wobble but more things can potentially go wrong with the rear wheel.

Why would your front tire on your 1995 jimmy wobble?

Tire could be unbalanced, wheel bearing shot, lower ball joint bad.

Why is your right rear tire wobble?

Something is wrong ! - wheel may be loose, tire may be separated inside or wheel bearing is shot.

How can you diagnose the cause of right rear wheel wobble in a 1998 Subaru impreza rs?

Swap rear tires from right to left, see if the wobble changes sides. If the wobble changed sides you have a bent rim or a bad tire. If the wobble didn't change sides you have a bent axle or hub.

Why does your Dodge truck steering wheel wobble?

becouse of bent rim or a bad spot in your tire .

What would make your car wobble feeling like a flat tire at low speeds?

broken belt in a tire. if you feel it in the steering wheel it usually a front tire or a rear if you can feel it in the seat

What courses the front wheels on a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser 105 series to wobble at 70kmph?

tires out of balance, separated belts on tire, or worn out tire.

What causes a wobble in the front end of your truck?

A bad tire with belt separation. Loose/worn steering joints. Bent rim. A warped rotor (if wobble happens while braking only).

Low speed wobble in wheel 200 ford windstar?

One of the front tires has a broken belt in it. Take it to your tire shop and they can find the tire that needs replaced.

Cause of wheel wobble at slow speed?

Probably worn balljoints or tie rod ends or a defective tire.

What would make the rear tire of a 1998 ford expedition wobble?

The tire could be faulty, the wheel bearing could be bad and need replaced, the wheel could be bent.

What are the reasons of wheel wobbling?

Does the wobble occur at all speeds or just low or just high speeds? Is it a front wobble or rear or both? Does it occur all the time or just intermittantly?The problems could be with steering neck bearings, wheel bearings, out of true rims, a bad spot in the tire or an out of balance tire, swingarm bearings, improperly assembled tire/rim/axle. these are the first places to look when approaching this problem with the info you gave. Unless you mean speed wobble, where an entirely different set of dynamics are involved there!!!

Why does left rear tire wobble when driving?

It's loose ! the bearing is loose, the shock is dead, the ball joint is worn.

How does wheel balancing work?

Wheels are not perfectly round. The rubbery substance that automotive tires are made of does not "cast" perfectly round. This means that there will be a natural "wobble" when the wheel is turned. At a very slow rotation, this wobble is not apparent. But when the wheel is rotating at a medium and above speed, the wobble turns into a nasty vibration that makes the vehicle shake.Wheel balancing involves putting a small weight on the edge of the tire to balance the uneven-ness. The weights vary, but putting these weights on the edge of the tire will counteract the wobble. Since every tire is different, this process must be done by hand. The weight will be crimped to the tire mechanically, and after the process is done, the tire will not vibrate. The balancing weights will ensure a smooth ride.If you get a "bumpy" ride, check the tire pressure, then check that the weights are on the tire. These are small lead colored bits of metal between the hub cap and the tire itself. There may be as many as four and as few as two. If one is missing, you can see a darker space on the edge of the tire. If you see the dark bit, you have "thrown a weight", meaning that one of the weights has come off the tire in the course of driving. While not common in most situations, it does happen occasionally.

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