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Why does your van accelerate only under moderate pedal pressure?


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2005-05-15 00:53:39
2005-05-15 00:53:39

spark plugs, fuel filter, dirty injectors

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Well the automobile brake systems starts with the pedal that is under your dash, when you apply pressure to that pedal it interns applies pressure to the brakes.

tighten brake switch located on top of brake pedal under dash adjust so lamps are out and come on with light pressure on pedal.

There is Liquid CO2 It is stored at ambient conditions under moderate pressure (critical temperature = 31 C; critical pressure = 73 atm).

The part of the car that turns on the brake lights when you apply pressure to the brake pedal is called the brake switch. Releasing pressure from the pedal causes the brake switch to break its electrical contact, turning off the lights.

It is above the brake pedal not under it. Follow the brake pedal bracket all the way up and you will see the brake pedal switch.

On the brake pedal bracket under the dash.On the brake pedal bracket under the dash.

with your right foot apply pressure to the rightmost pedal under the steering wheel

Brake pedal switch bent or loose on its bracket under the pedal? Carpet pushed under the pedal pressing against the switch?

Broken or disconnnected cable, something stuck under pedal,

On most modern vehicles the brake light switch is located under the dash near the top of the brake pedal.

Look at the upper end of the clutch pedal under the dash area Look at the upper end of the clutch pedal under the dash area Look at the upper end of the clutch pedal under the dash area

Pascal's Law states that any pressure put on a liquid in an enclosed space is spread evenly throughout the whole space. An example is hydraulic brakes on a vehicle. Pressing the brake pedal puts pressure on the brake fluid under the pedal and this same pressure is then applied (at the end of the brake fluid tubes) to the brake drums.

If it has a mechanical brake light switch it is located somewhere on the brake pedal. Normally around the area where the pedal connects under the dash. If it has a pressure switch, it will be located somewhere on brake lines near the master cylinder.

under the dash about 6inches above the brake pedal under the dash about 6 inches above the brake pedal

follow the brake pedal under the dash , on top of the pedal will be a 2 wire switch that opens when the pedal is depressed. yes its wired in the harness The top of the brake pedal has a hard-rubber covering on it. Is this switch under this cover?

Under the brake pedal is a brake light switch that when you press the pedal it hits it and makes your lights come on..sometimes when they get weak the pedal depresses them simply from the weight of the pedal and they stay on..Have a friend get inside the truck and pull UP on the brake pedal as you look at the lights..if the brake lights go off when they pull up on it..then it is that switch under the brake pedal

no, it is under extreme pressure

It is under lower pressure, however, it is under pressure enough to compress it into a liquid.

A solution under high pressure will have more gas dissolved in it than one under low pressure.

At atmospheric pressure it will be a solid at temperatures below about -140 °C. At atmospheric pressures, it will be a liquid from about -140 °C to about 0 °C. It will be a gas above 0°C unless under pressure. Under moderate pressure (about 38.1 psia) it can be liquefied at 25 °C - which is why it is often used as the fuel in cigarette lighters.

no it is under high pressure

working under pressure working under pressure

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