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If it is automatic....check the cable.

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Q: Why doesnt Transmission go into any gear?
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Car doesnt move when put into gear?

When the shifting linkage is disconnected the car will appear to go into gear but not move. The car will not move when the transmission fluid is low.

1995 Toyota Corolla will not go into gear?

1995 Toyota Corolla automatic transmission won't go sin any gear

Transmission slipped out of gear and will not go into any gear now what is it?

If manual box then check all gear change linkages back to the box.

94 corolla transmission wont go into gear?

my 94 Toyota corolla will not go into any gears .

What would cause a 1993 Nissan 4WD truck with manual transmission to not go into any gear when in 2 or 4WD yet will go into any gear when the transfer case is in neutral?


Why would a Automatic transmission will not go into first gear at stop light?

There are several things that can cause your automatic transmission not to go into first gear. The most common cause is low transmission fluid.

1998 SCI will not go into Reverse or gear you have been having an issue of going into gear in the mornings after some time of trying it will go into gear but now its stuck in park any ideas thanks?

Check your transmission fluid.

Why won't your Focus go into gear?

Low on fluid, linkage problems, drive train problems, transmission problem. Something else had to have been going on prior to this. A car just doesnt suddenly stop going into gear. Did you hear any grinding noises, do you check your fluids, did you hear any odd noises. Best bet is to get it to a shop, either by tow or go and have them look at it.

Can manual v w beetle transmission linkage come loose?

i can not shift my 2000 v w beetle into any gear. I stopped for fuel, when I start out again the trans slipped out of gear, and now will not go into any gear. did the transmission linkage come loose, or what may have happened... at a lose, thanks

Why won't your car go in to 2 gear or 4 gear or reverse?

Because your transmission is broken. When a car wont go into gear(s) there is something wrong with the linkage, the transmission control system ( electronics on some newer vehicles ), the clutch or the the transmission itself.

Where does the transmission fluid go into an automatic transmission 1985 Toyota Corolla manual transmission?

on the transmission. and it requires gear oil

Transmission won't go into reverse?

There can be several things that will cause your transmission not go into reverse. The most common cause is the gear in the transmission is worn.

Isuzu manual transmission wont go into any gear after starting?

most likely the clutch & pressure plate is shot.

Why will the 2003 pt cruiser go into any gear but not move?

check you parking brake, check transmission fluid level,.......

Why my car won't go into gear after i start it?

Transmission is going

What is wrong with your 1997 grand am standard when all you can get is gear 1 gear 3 and gear 5 and Gears 2 gear 4 and Reverse does not work What is the problem?

the transmission is failling or starting to go bad so get it fixed or get a new transmission the transmission is going bad

Why does a 2002 Toyota Echo automatic shifter move freely but does not go into any gear?

Because your transmission cable is broken and it must be broken near the transmission end You have to See your mechanic in transmission to replace it

Why might your ford expo not go into gear from the parked position?

When a vehicle does not go into gear when it is shifted from park to drive, it is usually due to transmission issues. If it has a manual transmission the gears may be stripped, if it is automatic then the transmission may have overheated.

When does an automatic transmission know when to change gears?

Gear changes are determined after how fast the engine is turning. For each gear there are set limits for which engine revs that are allowed. if the revs go high, the transmission changes up a gear, if the gears go low it drops down a gear.

Why wont your eagle talon manual transmission go into gear when running?

It is quite possible that your clutch is not disengaging the transmission from the motor. Also, your synchros could be bad, which would not allow it to go into gear.

Shifter sloppy 1995 mercury grand marquis won't go into any gear?

I was not aware that the Grand Marquis came in a manual Transmission! If it was an Automatic Transmission I would say take it to a Transmission Shop and have it looked at.

Mazda 626 will not go in any gear?

your transmission is most likely shot more information is needed, year? mileage? standard or automatic?

Why wont riding mower go in gear either forward or reverse?

If you physically can not move the gear shift lever into gear, it could be a problem with the shifter linkage or the transmission. If you can select a gear by moving the the lever which is attached directly to the transmission, it is the linkage. If the lever moves into a gear but the mower doesn't move, it could be a broken belt or a bad transmission.

What would cause a 1989 Honda Accord lxi 5 speed transmission to not go in fifth gear?

1988 accord will not go into 5 gear

1994 Chevy pickup will run but not go into gear?

Std. transmission? Bad clutch? Auto transmission? Check transmission fluid level