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Why estimated hot air on the front?

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Check your owners manual. If you don't have one copy & paste this link.

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What is a hot front and a cold front?

a cold front is a boundry of advancing mass of colled air a warm front is the oppposite its a mass of warm air

What is heavier a warm front or a cold front?

"Hot air rises" therefore the air behind a warm front is lighter than air ahead of it and lighter than that air behind a cold front.

What is it called when hot air rises and cold air sinks?

Cold Front

Why does the heater for my 2003 Honda Pilot not blow hot air out of any vents in the front but the rear vents blow hot air?

Your front blower motor has gone out. There is a front and a rear blower motor.

How is a Warm Front formed?

they are formed when hot air pushes against cold air

What front causes cold dry air?

A cold front because a warm front would be hot and humid

Do space heaters blow cold air out the back while blowing hot air out the front?


Why do clouds form in front of a warm front?

Clouds form in front of the warm front because they help cool the air on a hot day.

Why is there cold air in front and hot air in back-2005 suburban?

The front temp blend door is malfunctioning, probably a faulty actuator.

What can cause the ac not to blow air out?

clean the part which is in front by opening it . it is the part which sucks hot air

Why would a back heater blow cold air and front heater blow hot air in a 2003 Chevrolet Suburban?

The front expansion valve is clogged.

Hot air is not blowing in your 1996 Mercury Mystique?

air is blowing bat problem is no air com to front only in class

Why does the rear air condition blows out hot air and the front does not?

it needs a exspansion valve for the rear air system its clauged and cant circulate

Why does it get so warm before a cold front in South Florida?

as a cold front moves in with north, northwest winds it draws south,southwest winds up which is very hot muggy air which makes it hot, then turns to rain as the front moves south, then cold air moves in.

Ac blows hot air front and back recharged ac and still blows hot air?

One thing to do is to check the A/C Relay. Mine wasn't plugged in once and it did that.

How do you get back on the hot air balloon in mystery train island?

you have to go to the conducter in the front and talk to him

What is the leading edge of a mass hot and cold air?

The leading edge of a mass of air with certain, uniform moisture and temperature characteristics is called a front. i.e. The leading edge of a relatively warm air mass is called a warm front. The leading edge of a cooler air mass is called a cold front.

Why do hot air balloon need hot Air?

It needs hot air because hot air goes up and cold air goes down. Hot air makes it go up.

What is hot air pressure?

hot air. when air air gets hot it rises and creats pressure.

Why do you use hot air for hot air balloon instead of cool air?

Hot air rises.

How does a warm front happens?

a warm front happens when wind pushes hotter air to a colder area and then creates hot areas around that area.

Does hot air make the air less dense or more dense in a hot air balloon?

Hot air makes the air less dense in a hot air balloon

Why does a Suburban blow cold air in the rear and hot air in the front?

There are separate expansion valves in the rear, so even if the front system is failing, the rear unit could still work normally.

What is in a hot air balloon to make it fly?

Hot air! Hot air is lighter than cold air.

Why does a hot air balloon fly when you apply hot air?

the hot air is more dense then the actual air