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Ashley... That is a very good question concerning Mainland China. After teaching Tourism English in China for the past 4 months, I have found that many of the growing cities in China (almost all) are port cities located near the ocaean or a water-way. I do not know if other locations of China has produced Nobel prize winners, but do think the Mainland (inland) is not developed as well as other parts of China. After the Mainland does develop enough, it may well prodcue a Nobel Prize winner. It also depends on what type of prize (Nobel subject) you are referring to. Many of the Nobel prize winnners are individuals that have made a large contribution to helping make the world a better place, or has made a unique scientific discovery. I am not familiar with the Nobel total system. Someone may have already made a discovery to warrant the prize but it has not been translated into a language that the world can understand. But with the fast development, China is catching up with the rest of the world. Some of my students in Business English wanted me to teach them about creativity. That may have some reasons for not having a prize winning person, but I think it is more the language barrier and culture barrier that is in the way, the Chinese minds are not dumb, just quiet. So you are dealing with smart individuals but some have a reservation/hesitiation to speak the English. China is currently joining many countries to improve the environment and working closely with African countries to help in their development. Also they are working with N. Korea to reduce the friction in the world. What other country in the world could yield that type of power with N. Korea? So my answer is it depends on what category you are referring to and predicting that it could happen, but the country is growing and needs to spend much of its resources on internal problems improving the lives of its own citizens before trying to cure a world problem. You are welcome to contact me for a futher discussion. I do not know where you are from. I am from the US with years of business experience, always wanting to teach and for many years interested in Asian cultures and countries. I finally made it to doing what I wanted to do for many years. You ask an interesting question so I hope to hear from you to maybe discuss more... Good Luck Bill

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Q: Why has mainland of China not been able to win the Nobel Prize yet?
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