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Why has the US kept its troops in Iraq?

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Given the battles between warring factions there, and continued incitements by Iran, the US continues to fight destabilizing armed groups in the country. Despite popular elections and reduced terrorism, the military of the US has more to do before reducing its role in favor of Iraqi forces.

Iraq is still unstable and a unilateral withdrawal would mean dire consequences for the civilian population, and could encourage direct action by Iran. The country needs to have a popular leadership and a stable political structure to resist the influence of the many radical elements in the region.

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Why is Obama sending troops to Iraq?

He is not sending them; in fact, he kept a campaign promise to reduce and then ultimately withdraw most of the troops from Iraq.

How many troops are in Iraq of 2009?

As of December, 2009 estimated 110,000 US troops in Iraq.

How many US troops are in Iraq?

Currently in the country of Iraq there is about 200,000 troops currently stationed in Iraq. There was about 1 Million until recently when a large number of troops were pulled from Iraq.

How many US troops are in Iraq and Afghanistan June 2010?

There are 83,970 troops in Iraq, and 78,430 in Afghanistan.

Should the US pull out its troops from Iraq?


Why are US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?

for war

Were US troops in Iraq before 1991?


How many years did US army forces stay in Iraq?

From 2003, and US troops are still in Iraq.

Will US leave Iraq?

As of December 16, 2011, all US combat troops have left Iraq.

What about President Barack Obama removed all combat troops from Iraq?

The president always opposed the war in Iraq when he was a senator, and he campaigned for president promising to remove the remaining combat troops from Iraq. He has kept his promise in that regard.

How many US troops are currently in Iraq?


When did the Iraq Invasion end?

The last US troops withdrew from Iraq on December 16, 2011.

US troops levels in Iraq September 2009?


Why have numerous us troops remained in Iraq?

in iquara war

On what date were US troops first deployed in Iraq?

In late 2001 troops were first deployed

Where is all nz troops today?

the nz troops that fought for us in ww1 are in a cemetery in Iraq

Is the US government still sending troops to Iraq?

No. All US troops have been withdrawn as of December 16, 2011.

How long have the US troops been fighting in Iraq?

The second war with Iraq started March of 2003.

How did Obama stop the Iraq war?

He pretty much followed the Bush plan, which was to set up a democratic government in Iraq and withdraw US troops. (The durability of the Iraq government is still doubtful, but our troops are out.)

When were the most us troops in Iraq?

November 2006-January 2007

Did Obama ask the American troops to leave Iraq?

No, he did not. President Obama had promised to withdraw troops and end the Iraq War; but he was also willing to leave a residual force in Iraq. Unfortunately, the new leader of Iraq at that time, Nouri Al Maliki, did not want American troops there, and no agreement was reached to keep them there. Therefore, no residual force was left in Iraq in 2011 when US troops came home.

How many US troops are currently stationed in Iraq?

Total US troops in Iraq are 49700 (24 August2010). The troop deployment details up to 2009 is given -

How many US troops or brigades are in Iraq right now?

18 Brigade Combat Teams are in Iraq right now.

How many US and allied troops of have died in the Iraq war?

15 thousand.

How many US troops have died in Iraq?

4,316 killed 31,354 wounded