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Shotguns marked T Parker Royal Damascus were made by Henri Pieper, Leige, Belgium, prior to 1893. Pieper would mark guns with whatever trade name the retailer wanted. The T Parker name was sold by Sears Roebuck and possibly other retailers. Wilmot Gun Company was another trade name manufactured by Pieper. So, it's the same reason that Buicks are not marked Chevrolet - some models may be 99% identical, but they are marketed as different cars.

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Q: Why has this royal damascus external double hammer shot gun marked Belgium on one side and T Parker on the other but no Wilmot Gun Company?
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No. What would the company that produced the finest American double barrel shotgun want with a utilitarian import?

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Where can you find information and values for a Belgium Browning Shotgun with a hammer that is stamped C Parker and has damascus double barrels?

This is an interesting story. The gun IS Belgian, and it is a 'C Parker', but it is NOT a Browning. Has nothing to do with Browning. In the late 1800's, from about 1880 through 1910, various major distributors such as the HD Folsom Company imported thousands of inexpensive shotguns from Europe (primarily Belgium) for sale by the various large mail-order catalog hardware stores of the time. Sears sold them, for instance. They had neat names designed to impress the typical unsophisticated Midwest or frontier buyer, such as "The Interchangeable." Some retailers wanted to play on the more established gunmaker names so we see these shotguns marked with "SAM HOLT" (not Sam Colt, even though Colt Firearms were never marked that way), "BARKER" instead of Parker, and "C PARKER" (also to confuse with Charles Parker and subsequent Parker Brothers). Parker Brothers shotguns and the early Charles Parker shotguns are considered some of the finest American made shotguns ever and are highly collected well into the six-figure price range. Your gun, however, is NOT one of these. On the underneath of the barrels, between the barrels and the frame, you should see the telltale 'ELG' proofmark indicating Belgian manufacture. The finish on the barrels is probably NOT actually Damascus, but a version of twist construction. Value is as a decorator piece only - these guns are universally considered unsafe to shoot. $200 or so, if in top condition.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Ed Parker shotgun marked London Damascus with 18992 inside the handle and a military emblem on the bottom of the butt?

Nothing as a useable firearm, but if it is a double barrel with large hammers, it could be worth up to $200 as a mantle decoration. Despite the "London" marking, it was probably made in Belgium around 1900 and the name was probably chosen to suggest a connection with the well-known and respected Parker Brothers shotguns.

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Most likely made in Belgium by Henri Pieper around 1900. Marked in the hopes that buyers would associate the name with the Parker Brothers products. Value is $125-$150 as a mantle decoration.

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