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Why is Bangladesh poor?

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The country lacking natural resource and colonial power took away the little resources available to country. After independence, the country failed to contemplate a long term vision to improve its poverty situation. In last 2-3 decades poverty is fallen drastically but recent food price increase coupled with the frequent natural disasters pushed significant proportion of people to poverty. Currently, 42% of the population live under the poverty line.

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When is Bangladesh going to be rich

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Is Bangladesh poor?

Bangladesh is not a poor country. It is a naturally rich country.

Is Bangladesh a rich place or poor place?

Bangladesh is a poor place.

Who is more poor Bangladesh or Somalia?


How rich are the people in Bangladesh?

Most of the people in Bangladesh are very poor.

Is Bangladesh a MEDC?

Nope Bangladesh is a LEDC A Poor Country in South Asia

How poor is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a very poor country. Almost all the people in Bangladesh have no food or need help. The poor people go aroung streets, nock on doors and ask for only a bit of food, water and money. Only a few people in Bangladesh have a lot of money.

Is Bangladesh powerful?

no it's very poor

How wealthy is Bangladesh?

Very, very poor.

Is the country Bangladesh rich or poor?

Bangladesh is not a rich or poor country. Its in the middle, some peoples in Bangladesh are really poor that cant afford foods and some peoples in Bangladesh are very very rich 7/8 5 star hotels, because you can see more buildings in Bangladesh than any other europe country and it is great tourist destiniation. As according to BRIC Bangladesh will be 22th richest country in the world in 2050

Is Bangladesh is a good country?

Yes ofcourse. Bangladesh is a poor country but bangladeshi people have good heart.

Is Bangladesh a poor country?

no ask neil Lennie

How many hospitals and clinics are in Bangladesh?

none its poor

How is Bangladesh a poor country?

Bangladesh is one of the most poorest country on Earth and for so many reasons. I know a lot about Bangladesh, Email me at

What caused the Bangladesh floods in 2004?

becaus they r poor and do not have cameras like us as it is a poor country

Why do Bangladesh people wear the clothes they wear?

becase there very poor

Solution of poor Industrial Relation in Bangladesh?

withdraw politics from industry

Is Bangladesh a poor or rich city?

Bangladesh is a country, not a city. It is a developing country, so at this stage it is not very rich or very poor. Living standards are improving and as a peaceful nation it is receiving a lot of investment.

Does Bangladesh receive aid from other countries?

yes because they are ereally poor

Why is there a high death rate in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is an LEDC (Less Economically Developed Country); this means it is a poor country, with little or no access to healthcare or medicine, and poor sanitation. These contributing factors cause a high death rate.

Why is cricket so popular in Bangladesh?

Cricket is so popular in Bangladesh because it is a poor nation and they don't have as much variety as other countries do such as Australia and England

Why is Bangladesh the most affected are of cholera?

Poor hyegine, poverty low intectuality rate

What is the quality of life in Bangladesh?

The quality of life in Bangladesh is very poor as it is considered to be among the poorest countries. 36 percent of the residents live below the poverty line.

Why do people migrate from Bangladesh to other countries?

As Bangladesh is a poor country over populated, jobs and living standards are bad. so they migrate via Bengal to India.

What do poor Bangladesh people eat?

Poor people in Bangladesh usually eat their crop s that they grow, however they are always destroyed by frequent floods and cyclones, so many people starve themselves. Another thing which affects their food is the climate.

What is the name of the desperately poor Indian City near the Indian-Bangladesh border?