Why is Canada named Canada?

During Jacques Cartier's 1535 expedition up the St. Lawrence River, the Iroquois pointed to a route to the village of the Stadacona (Quebec City) using the word "kanata" which meant village. Cartier used "Canada" in referring to the village of the Stadacona and the areas north. In fact, the St. Lawrence River was called the "rivière du Canada" by Cartier, and the name stuck until the 1600s. The new country was called New France but loosely it was called Canada. After Quebec was split up into two in 1791, it was reunited again in 1841 as the Province of Canada. Finally in 1867, the Province of Canada which included Quebec and Ontario were joined with Nova Scotia and New Newfoundland to become one Dominion under the name of Canada as other names were also considered,