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Worn or damaged filter grids. Replace all grids with holes and recharge filter.

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Why does salt go through a filter but powder doesnt?

Salt goes through a filter because the salt doesn't mix with the powder

Is the baking powder causing dough to rise a physical or chemical change?

I think it's Chemical Change

What laboratory apparatus used for pouring liquids or powder through small opening and to hold the filter paper in filtration?

a (filter) funnel

Is baking powder a gas that makes a cake rise a chemical reaction?

Baking powder is not a gas, but it does make a cake rise by releasing carbon dioxide into the batter through chemical reaction.

What is chemical name of stabilizer powder?

chemical name of stabilizer powder

Why does copper make a good gun powder holder?

copper will not 'spark' causing ignition of the powder. Steel can produce a 'spark' causing the powder to ignite................

Is making a coffee a chemical or physical change?

Physical. You are grinding up the beans into a powder, then pouring water through a filter with it to keep the larger particles (that will not suspend in water) from falling into the "coffee.". (As well as "unwanted" flavoring.)

How are paper filters and screen filters the same?

cause both filter has gravel and powder go through

How do you separate salt water from the mixture of chalk powder mixed in water?

Pass the mixture through filter paper. The salt water will pass through leaving the chalk behind in the filter paper.

What is the chemical formula of cocoa powder?

The chemical formula of cocoa powder is represented by presence of theobromine. The chemical formula used for cocoa powder is C7H8N4O2.

What is the chemical formula for Ajax cleanser powder?

This powder is a mixture, not a single chemical compound.

Why would the DE powder go straight through the filter and into the pool with an old Hayward DE filter ReGenX system?

Something is allowing the DE to pass through the filter - probably a hole in one of the filter pads or a damaged manifold. You can take out the filter pads and visually check them. A hole will be fairly obvious.

What is dry powder chemical?

Umm...a solid chemical that's been ground to a fine powder?

What is the chemical formula for onion powder?

there isn't one, for onion powder is a powder

Is action of baking powder in cooking a cake a physical or chemical change?

The thermal decomposition of baking powder is a chemical change.

What is the difference between a dry chemical powder and a dry powder extinguisher?

Dry powder (ABC) is multipurpose while dry chemical powder (D) is strictly for metal fires

What is the chemical composition of litmus powder?

What is the chemical composition of lithmus powder? How could I classify it when shipping it as hazardous waste?

What is the chemical formula of bleaching powder?

The chemical formula for bleaching powder is Ca(ClO)2 -Calcium Hypochlorite.

How do you add the DE powder using only the Doughboy PowerPak and DE Filter?

I"m not sure what a Doughboy is, I'll take a stab that it is a filter system. I have added DE through the pump intake. I put a little at a time in a bucket and dilute it then pour it into the skimmer. As the water flows through the filter, the DE powder adheres to the 'fingers' that hang down in my filter allowing the filter to filet out more minute particles than the clothe 'fingers' alone.. Some also use DE powder in conjunction with sand filtration to improve filtration. I think it causes backwashing more often, then the DE powder ends up in the yard or wherever the backwash goes. Good Luck

Is Baking powder a spice?

Baking powder is not a spice, it is a chemical leavener.

What is the chemical formula for onion powder and garlic powder?

there isn't any

Which chemical is used in dry powder fire extinguisher?

baking powder

What is bonding powder in the periodic table?

Bonding powder is not a chemical element.

Is mixing lemonade powder into water a chemical or physical change?

Mixing lemonade powder into water is a chemical change. This is because the powder changes the water molecules and can not be taken out.

Gun powder explodes is it a chemical or physical change?