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This is just for Douglas from all of us! Douglas is a nice guy. We like him. He is well qualified. Some of the girls in the office have his magazine front cover photos all over their cubicle. Its like knowing a real celeb. He has improved the way we feel when we work. We follow our homework with our stretching with his office personal training many of us have lost weight. Crazy. I seriously recommend it from all of us.

Yay Douglas Zimmerman the personal trainer for office people!

the office

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Q: Why is Douglas Zimmerman the best personal trainer in Tampa?
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Douglas Zimmerman- - Personal Trainer Tampa, FL He is the best in so many categories: nutrition, weight loss, body building, sports training, post physical therapy rehab, body sculpting, flexability, toning and firming, and ergonomics. He also is the best in office health and personal training for office people. - He starts out slow and improves your health.. when I started I was winded only to find out later all I was doing was learning stretches. Hah! Amscot. * I like to see the office actually get along for 30 minutes. I looked at some of Douglas's professional life as a body builder. The man is a beast. ^ Doug has chilsed my abs. I am now the best looking guy I know.

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