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Why is French spoken in Luxembourg?



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Because the french cotrolled it for a period of time. Thus integrating their language and culture into the society. By Kurtis and his french teacher Mrs. F. From A small Town in the Northwest Territorries of Canada
Luxembourg is a small country that borders France, Wallonia (the French-speaking part of Belgium) and Germany. While Luxembourg does have its own language (Luxembourgish) it is necessary to speak the languages of the neighboring states for trade, commerce, and travel. As a result of being bordered by French-speaking and German-speaking regions, they also speak French and German.
because luxemburg is in the middle of France and Germany! i hop i answered ur question well!
Because it is one of the three official languages in Luxembourg, together with German and Luxembourgish.

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France borders Luxembourg and has historically exerted a strong cultural impact on the country. As a result, French was a more commonly used language than the indigenous Luxembourgish Language, which is a dialect of Old German.